10 lessons on my mind this season…

I started this blog for a number of reasons, first because I wanted to create a platform of my own on which share my ideas with the world, lend my voice to issues and such. With time, it grew into a platform that carried more than my voice, I started to curate content. In the end, I seek to inspire, encourage, remind and possibly jolt someone in a good way or even make you smile. This is why you will find interviews, stories and a myriad of positive content on the blog.

I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch, rougher than usual in the past month with work and it caused my life to flash before my eyes – it was kind of an experience time capsule. I tend to over-think and over -process things and it hit me hard , almost enough to cause me to drop all I’m doing with my life right now.

But I would like to encourage someone with some of my reminders in this season with 10 things that have dropped in my heart this season. Trust me, as I speak to you, I speak to myself.

  1. It’s human nature not to recognize what a person has, until that person shows it to the world in an incredible way. People will not identify with you until you make something of yourself. Even the best, kindest, most Christian of us are like that, just in varying levels of intensity, lol.


2.    The journey before you hit your tipping point is a very lonely one…even your spouse cannot feel it like you do. The tipping             point (according to Gladwell.com) is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips,             and spreads  like wildfire. Simply put, until you “blow” (Nigerian Parlance for becoming successful), you are OYO (On Your         Own).


3.   The emotional, psychological and even financial pain is part of the journey. As long as you are sure that that journey you are        on is yours, the pain and the failure (or feelings of failure) are part of the process and it’s ok, certainly not the end of the                 world.


4.    Your blessings were pain points, prayer points at some point in your life, don’t get too familiar with them, be thankful. They        are still pain-prayer points for many.


5.    Your decisions determine your destiny, each little action has a ripple effect that continues for years and years.


6.  I saw a quote recently, and I paraphrase “The moment you stop caring what other people think, you have reached a                         dangerously awesome level of freedom” so true. That ship has sailed guys, kill yourself for people and they will still bad-               mouth you. Do what you what to do in good conscience and leave the rest.


7. Many times, being Christian (or religious) and being genuinely good are two different things. Many of the kindest, sweetest,        most generous hearts in this world do not belong to any church, mosque or even profess any religion. There’s inherent good       (and bad) in human nature. Just look at all the people make big and little differences in the world.


8. Every trend, fad in life has its season, where its most ubiquitous, after which it would disappear like it never existed. Hold on      to the right, noble , good things whether they are in season or not. How many of us are still praising consistently after the            Hallelujah Challenge? It should be a lifestyle.


9. In this imperfect world, you will have troubles and challenges but when you think deeply, you will find that you, in fact, got a       good deal out of life compared to the type of troubles in the world. Loads of people are going through major Family , Health ,       Financial, Identity crises, stuff that make your problems look like a fairy tale. Be thankful and enjoy your life.


10. Finally, your level of success in business and in life depend on the value you place on yourself. Many things rise and fall on how you see yourself.


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  1. Gbemi


    Beautifully captured! Thanks for sharing I can totally relate!

    • admin


      Aww thanks sis. I appreciate. Glad you could connect.!

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