10 things to remember about taking care of your hair…


Like we did with Darliza, we also captured Emma of Emmystyle Signature to give us tips for taking care of our own hair.

He’s always been an advocate for enjoying your own God-given hair, even if permed.

We thought to tap into his wealth of wisdom and did an impromptu recording. He had no inkling whatsoever that he was gonna do the recording that day, neither did we.  Of course, he was shy but he gave some real stuff!

NB: Forgive our recording! It’ll get better.


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Emmy style is a professional hair technician and stylist based in Lagos. While he is known to be passionate about caring for your own hair for it to reach its full potential, his specialty lies with styling  for Occasions, Editorial and Video/Photo shoots.


Instagram @emmystylesignature




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