Here’s really why you should follow your dreams…


You are holding people up. It’s that simple.

Yes, we have heard many speakers tell us. “Find your path!”, “Follow your dreams!” and we received such declarations with excitement and hope. A couple of years down the line, however, we’ve thrown up our hands up in exasperation at how hard it is to follow those dreams, especially in today’s economy. We are jaded and disillusioned and rightfully so.

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The Baker Part 2


The weekend was short, what did you expect? I had ample cash on me for the first time in a very long time, and I didn’t have a worry in the world, so yes, the universe would indeed conspire to make the weekend short, so as to quickly ruin my short-lived moment in the sun. I, however, refused to let anything ruin my good time, because I ate like a pig, and drank like a fish, and oh, I also slept like a baby.

Monday came, and I was at Gbenga’s office before 8am, and I must say I was fired up, ready to take my destiny in my own hands, ready to make the best use of this opportunity that was about to be presented to me on a platter of gold.

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Right Paint,Right War…


So we decided to “capture” our Beauty contributor Darliza Makeovers, and two everyday women to have a fun, mini shoot. This shoot was to portray the right kinds of looks for the different settings we have to be at from time to time as regular women. Not every time bling, bling, lol. Sometimes subtle and sweet, yet other times, go nuts with that with lippie.

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