It’s practically the end of the year already! And I imagine our New Year Resolutions (or whatever we call them these days) with their exciting, pop-music-style-highs have started to morph into a Reggae-like limbos. When current realities set in and the holiday/ new year exuberance gives way to everyday busyness, the euphoria tends to wane.

With each passing day, those lofty goals start to seem like mountains needing more exertion than we think we can muster. Take it easy, it’s only normal.

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Here’s how to gain ”respect” as a female in Naija

I am a huge proponent of women’s rights and more importantly, cultural re-orientation. If you want to get my blood boiling, just bring up a few cultural issues, and watch me take you on. Anyway, a like-minded friend and fellow blogger recently wrote a piece that made all the difference to me! You absolutely must read it and share your thoughts. You can’t be silent oh, I want to hear from you on this one…

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My encounter with stroke… Part 2

I lay on the hospital bed for another two days without any form of movement, but I was in constant pain. At some point, I felt an itch on my left leg, the itch moved up my feet, to my ankle, and then all the way to my thighs, it kept moving up, until I felt it on my side, and then I felt it in the palm of my hands, through my finger.

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Uche Nnaji, Ouch boss on what it really takes…

I had known  him from my days back in Unilag, I was a freshman, he was a final year student who loved to sing! As destiny would have it, he went on to be one of the biggest names in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry in Nigeria.

During one of my most recent encounters with him, I knew I just had to interview him when he spoke (for what have been the umpteenth time for him) about the power of branding and how it relates to perception and eventually , your success. This happened at a workshop and he was kind enough to grant an interview to Lifestyle hues, to share snippets of his story (we really could go on for weeks if we were to get in his full story)

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