5 Essential things to do while you’re still single

A lot of the time, we see being single as a phase to go through before getting married.  And perhaps that’s what it is.  The problem arrives when we see that time of our lives as a phase that must be tolerated and rushed through.  We have to learn to stop seeing it that way.  We often tell children and teenagers to enjoy that time of their lives for it will soon be gone.

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The Baker…the concluding part

I walked past my office, not even giving my door a second glance. “Don’t you have anything you want to pick up?’ Mr Ronald said coldly behind me, ”No, I have everything I need in my pocket, I can pick other stuff tomorrow” I said trying to feel optimistic. By this time, everywhere was deserted, we got to the parking lot, and I began feeling my pockets for my car keys, the keys were there, I could hear them jingle and I was pretty sure Mr Ronald could hear them too. I tried to stall hoping someone would show up and at least give me hope, but no one came. Suddenly Mr Ronald called out to me, I turned around, felt a sharp blow to my head, and I passed out.

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Marriage Insight: You Just Need to Laugh

Photo Credit:Justbetweenus.org, iyaeko.com,eternalpassiontravel.com,focusonthefamily.com,
sandiegouniontribune.com. Collage by Adetutu Adegoke

So I have been receiving marriage insights  from a very special couple since I’ve been married. Trust me, they have touched on practically every subject, no issue is too trivial or too sensitive for this couple to discuss. Last, week, I just  had to reach them and obtain permission to share on the blog. Today’s subject may seem like its not new or ground breaking but forever holds true! Here’s hoping you find laughter in your marriage.Please enjoy

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Ladies, Here’s your Wardrobe Essentials checklist…

So, after our long, nerdy debut fashion article, you may wonder next huh? Well, here goes.We try to be practical with our posts on Lifestyle Hues; we believe dressing up is a mindful venture and so, we have curated a list of wardrobe essentials every female should have, especially in this economy. The list was obtained from respected Style Consultants – Vane Style led by the Gorgeous Veronica Odeka. There are 10 major Wardrobe Essentials that every woman should own.Not to worry Gentlemen, we will get to you soon.

They are called wardrobe essentials because they are basic items with which you lay the  foundation to a organised and stylish wardrobe. Of course, you must build on that foundation with time. I’m certain that most of us will have at least 3 of the items already because they are so indispensable.There are 10  of them in all. We’ll give you guys 3 of them today and share others in subsequent posts.

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