Don’t lose your Balance…

Life is a tight rope of thoughts, decisions, actions and outcomes. You simply cannot walk away from it all, neither can you allow your troubles drown you, you need to handle your business.

Sometimes, life is a straight, smooth highway and other times, it can be such a bend, requiring endless negotiations. Everyday, we make decisions, both life changing decisions, and trivial alike; so many facets of our respective lives asking for attention.

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The Paradox and Burden of Religion.

So I found myself addressing a Muslim group on Sunday and I asked them to imagine an Islamic world where there is global peace. I wasn’t shocked when no one could see a peaceful world because there are various extremists and assorted versions of Islam.
A week before that time I asked a group of Christians to imagine a Christian world and tell me if they think there would be peace and I wasn’t too surprised as well when they told me doctrinal and denominational wars would break out.

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My birthday musings…10 lessons from 2016

So, it’s my birthday on the 4th of December. Obviously, birthdays are times to reflect on the past year and for me, this is mostly the case as mine comes at the end of the year. It is especially the case for me, because 2016 has been a pivotal year for me. If take loads of reflection, add some discoveries, plenty of reminders, loads of victories and include several shots of Aha moments, then you have my 2016 described.

To cut the long story short, here are 10 key things among all I have learnt or re-learnt in the past year. They are very simple, basic but powerful reminders really.

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