Here’s the surest way to make good money…

Yes, I know you’re reading this because of the headline. You’re not alone. People ask this question a lot: How do I make money? The answer is very simple. Problems. It’s as simple as that. It’s universally accepted that this life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad times. And even more interesting, is the fact that both good and bad times pose respective challenges or problems. In other words, there are good problems and there are bad ones. At any rate, those problems needs solutions and providing those solutions is the only way to make money.

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Guest Post: 5 Dress types for that last minute dash out of the house!

I am a multi tasker, in every sense of the word. I have numerous things i have to do daily and my days tend to run very fast. Mornings are the fastest for me as I find myself, laying out my look of the day, at the same time I begin to add curls to my shirt hair. Can anyone else relate to this? haha

In a bid to look good at all times, I constantly invest in one piece garments, specifically dresses that can serve as a full outfit and save me the stress of calculating a three pieces look like shirt, trousers and blazer. So if you’re a “running out of the house last minute” person just like me, all you need is some inspiration which is why I have curated five dress types to help you get ready in a flash.

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Letters to Trump…from a 10-year old and an 8-year old.

So much has been said about the Trump Inauguration in the last few days, so much so, that this blogger struggled to find an unique angle but alas…I would get my angle from some very smart children in the States… Please read what my niece (10) and my nephew (8) wrote in a letter to Donald Trump on inauguration day…Their childlike innocence mixed with insight on political issues in their environment is everything. If this doesn’t make you smile or chuckle, I don’t know what will…

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Are they really feeling your brand…?

Have you ever wondered why you buy any of those things you desire? Ever wondered exactly why you want them in the first place? Why do you want that car? Why do you want to live in that part of town? Why must you fly with that airline? These questions even apply to the little things…Why do you want that particular meal? Why do you want that brand of shaving cream? Why would you buy that brand of milk?

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How to make Yamarita…Bolla’s Kitchen style

About this food blogger…

Bola is a self-driven Digital Content Strategist with proficiency on Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, Vine, Snapchat), Blogger, WordPress, & Mailchimp. She is also a food blogger and photographer, Oh yes, she edits videos and designs her own creatives.   Shoot her an email – or visit her blog You can also find her on Instagram @bollabello @bollaskitchen;on Youtube; Bollaskitchen


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VIDEOS:The Obama Farewell and other inspiring stories

Video Credit: Global News


It’s been a bit of an emotional week for some of us whom are Social Media crawlers. The conversations and the hashtags have flitted between the Obama Farewell and The Golden Globe wins, mostly the former. There are quite a lot of moments to be celebrated between those two events but I share here, the ones that stood out for me.

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