So I literally just arrived from a brief time out at the Free Conference organized by Jimi Tewe today February 25th, 2017. I could only steal away 2 hours from my toddler to attend this (the life of a mom!) I’m going to share my take-outs in bite sizes as I usually do.

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A Valentine of memories, love and eternity…7 reminders we all need

It’s been such an emotional time for this blogger. A time for memories and certainly not what you think you. This time, its not about the flowers, cake, chocolate and colours, oh no. This time, I’m reminded of mortality.

It’s been three years since my dad died  and a vibrant young man(Eric Arubayi), a family friend, died exactly a week ago. These two occasions and the memories they hold shut me down for days.

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Learn to say No.

Recently came across a brilliant article by a prolific writer and friend of mine on the merits of saying the word “NO”. It’s such a powerful and destiny-defining word.Click to find out how. Enjoy.

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