My Inter-tribal marriage…Being Mrs L.D

I am a Yoruba girl., a very typical Yoruba girl. Born to Yoruba parents. Raised in Yoruba land. Speak Yoruba fluently. Dress Yoruba. Eat Yoruba. Think Yoruba…. You get the picture?

So I fell in love with and married a northerner, born and bred in the north. He is from one of the many minority tribes that I had never heard of until I met him. He was born and raised in a small village in Pankshin, where there is no network signal. He speaks three languages; English, Hausa, and Mupun, which is his local dialect. You still get the picture?

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3 most important components of your Personal or Corporate brand…Ifeoma Williams

I’m kind of addicted to the monthly Wimbiz (Women in, Business, Management and Public Service) Roundtable… and the last one I just had to attend, not just for the networking this time, but the Subject: Rebrand and Reboot? I’m all for that this time of year, besides I can talk branding for hours. The speaker sealed the deal for me…Ifeoma Williams! I just had to make time to out of a crazy working week to be there!

As a Communications, Image and Style consultant, she aptly discussed the subject of branding putting it into context and focusing on personal and business brands. Below are the highlights that stood out for me as promised.

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