An afternoon with style blogger…Monica Awe-Etuk

Photo Credit: Tuke Morgan

Yes, the knowledge economy is here to stay… the master classes, workshops, conferences and what not, have only just begun. And it only means we are all growing as a people, as long as we make those experiences as instructive and as practical as possible. So, I  recall a really informative  Master Class with influential style blogger Monica Awe-Etuk. Monica is an Atlanta-based blogger of Nigerian origin who was in town recently.

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“Ordinary Woman like you…”

As the commemoration of the International Women’s day went on  this week, the air and indeed social media was imbued with  images, memes and the 2017 hashtag #beboldforchange all of which I enjoyed. I came across a heartfelt article by one of my contributors and while it may seem like it’s a feminist rant, it’s more of an “writer’s purge” on some of the issues which still plague women from around the world.  If anything, it’s a rant against anyone male or female who still  hold on to archaic views where women are concerned.  Enjoy
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My evening with Tara Fela Durotoye and other power women… key highlights in case you missed it

As you may have gathered from following this blog, I love events. But you see, not just any event will do, in fact I can be lazy about attending events. My friends know they really can’t count on me to attend the parties and events they invite me to. The catch is usually, what value is this event going to add to my life? Or what value is my presence going to add? If there’s no solid answer to that question, I’m a “no show”.

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Business & Life Lessons from the 2017 Wimbiz Annual Lecture …with Mo Abudu

Photo Credit:Wimbiz

So, it was International Women’s day this past week and the week was loaded with countless events, conferences and more to support the womenfolk. It was the perfect time for the Wimbiz (Women in Business, Management & Public Service) Annual Lecture. As one who also never misses the Wimbiz Round Table meetings and with Key note speaker being Mo Abudu, CEO Ebony Life TV, the date was on lock down for me.

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Domestic Fire….

He would stare at her for several minutes at a time, wondering how any human could be so flawless, beautiful and graceful all at the same time.

I would tell him repeatedly, to keep his fantasies to himself. You see, Amarachi, was a married woman who lived next door, a lovely woman, I might add, but married none the less. And there was something else, something dark and sad, a secret shame she tried so carefully to hide.

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