10 Tips to keep your house smelling fresh all year round


Different things cause your house to smell “iffy”. The smell of food while you are cooking is nice and inviting, but that becomes a bit irritating after you have finished. Your pets are a delight to have, but then they also bring their own nasty smells (urine and generally their natural body odour); washing machines make our lives a lot easier, however the mouldy / mildew smell that oozes out of it is just not fun; a pair of smelly footwear can make the entire house smell rancid, and bodily fluids accumulated over time on your sofas or bedding just make the house smell a bit stale. All of these smells are compounded if you have a smoker in the house as the tobacco smell sinks deep into your furniture, carpets, curtains and walls.

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Mrs LBD vs Miss Hormones

I remember the first disagreement I had with LBD after we got married. I was in my first trimester, pregnant with MD. Late one night, we were ready to retire for the night. It started with small talk. LBD was re-living some of his boarding-school memories. He strongly believes that boarding school instilled some serious discipline in him. Then he mentioned how he’d love for our kids to have the boarding-school experience.
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5 things I’ve learnt in our 5 years of marriage.


So it hit us recently, that we have been married for 5 years, we didn’t realize that much time had passed, lol. We received and appreciated so many calls and messages on Social Media telling us how we have inspired others and so on. So, when I was thinking of what to share on the blog today, I decided on five things I’ve learned in the past five years. 

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So you want to blog? Here are a couple of things to note.

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So you have a strong message that resonates deeply with you and you are passionate about sharing it with the world.


You couldn’t have been born at a better time in the history of the world. There are so many platforms available for sharing; there’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc and you can also choose to blog.

Last year, I decided to start blogging again after a break of almost four years. The interesting thing for me was consistency; I used to write only when I felt like and inspiration was in short supply. Apparently, the passion was not enough and I needed discipline. The discipline to create a calendar for creating content and sticking to it.

I’ll like to share with you what I’ve learnt over the last two months. I hope you find it useful.

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