Yemi Alade, on how she started, her music and the road to success.

Merry Christmas y’all. I trust you and your family are doing well in spite of the fuel hassle. Here’s a little something to take your minds off everything and encourage you, we all go through tough times. Went through my own hassle to make this happen and I trust someone will connect with her incredible story. Do enjoy and please leave a comment!

Feliz Navidad!





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Are Your Employees Inspired Or Just Plain Tired?

If you’re a business owner, you should know that your employees are super important to the growth and success of your company. They will support you, bring things to the table that you can only dream of, and help you to build the empire you envisioned when you were just starting out. However, keeping your employees engaged and satisfied is absolutely crucial. It’s all too easy for your employees to feel demotivated and stop producing the high quality of work that they once produced, no matter how long they have worked for your company.

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Your Clients Are In Charge…3 ways to hug them closer

Throughout your working life, you will often hear a phrase similar to ‘the customer is always right’ and where you know that to be true, it can also be an annoying rule when certain customers are being the absolute worst. However, as you rise through the ranks and reach the point where you own your own business, you come to realise that not only are that saying right, but the clients are also in charge of how you go about your work. And if you fight that fact, you could very quickly find yourself losing them.

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Business Ideas To Take You From Rags To Riches

Are you looking to start your own business, but you’re not sure that you’ve got that million dollar idea? Well, don’t worry. Not everyone enters into the business world sure of what they’re going to do. There’s that many established businesses out there that it can be hard to know whether you actually are going to make it. Considering starting a business is such a big gamble, you don’t really want to risk everything if you’re not going to get anything back. So, we’ve made a list of a few great ideas that should take you from rags to riches.


We all know that food is the pathway to pretty much anyone’s heart, so starting a business selling it could be one of the best ideas that you have. This year there seems to have been a lot of dessert shops and things like that pop up, so your best bet might be to steer clear of such ideas. But, other food ideas, such as things you might be able to sell in the supermarket could be a game changer. You’ll have to start small. A market stool is usually the way to go if you want to get some exposure. It’ll be rare that you’ll get to just put your items straight onto the supermarket shelves. You’ll also want to be using things such as custom stand up pouches so you can start to create a brand early on. That’s another main thing you need to try and consider. Your brand is so important, even if you are just selling from a market stool you should do it as early as possible.



Fitness is another huge area that you could dominate in. This could tie in partially with the food section. People are mad for things such as meal prepping, or fuelling their body with supplements and shakes. If you’re someone who’s really into their fitness, and knows exactly what people need to make progress, it really could be a worthwhile business venture. You could even look into the clothing aspect of things. This is something that only a few big name brands dominate, so it might not be that hard to work your way up over a few years time. All you need to do is make sure you’re getting quality materials, and giving the consumer exactly what they want.


A much harder niche to make your way in. There are so so many businesses trying to do the same as you would if you went down the technology route. But, if you do it right, you could become one of the richest people in the world. Some of the biggest profit companies come from a technology background. All you need to focus on here is being unique, the quality of the product, and marketing. Marketing is such a huge part of all of them, but especially in this area. You need to create a strong brand and get the word out about it from as early on as possible.

Those are just three ideas that can help take you from rags to riches. Alongside the idea, you need massive amounts of patience, determination, and perseverance if you’re going to become successful in the business world.

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6 things 2017 taught (or reminded) me.


I’m always in my own head. When I’m awake, asleep, whatever. I’m always pondering over something or the other, asking questions. Why did that happen? Why did he do this? What should I have done differently? This mistake I made hurts so much, how would things have turned out if I had taken a different decision? The questions are endless. They are with in the car, they are with me at my desk. They are hovering around in my sleep, haunting me.

Usually, I find an issue to worry about per time, thinking and overthinking it. A lot of times, each matter gives way to another and other times, I draw lessons from them.

As a Creative Entrepreneur who never set out to be one, I started 2017 wondering what I was doing and how I was going to do it. I took the plunge anyway and I would like to share some of my most personal experiences and possibly encourage someone.

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3 Essential Qualities To Expect In Outsourcing Agencies

When you’re running an online business, there comes a point when you will find yourself having to reach for outside help. There’s only so much that one person can do, after all; you can’t expect yourself to understand all of the ins and outs that running your business tends to require.


There are four main areas of an online business that may be beneficial to outsource. Below, we’ll explore these in depth, and give you a strong idea of what you should expect from each specific agency.


Advertising Agency: Expect… Attention To Detail


Advertising is one of the most important aspects of your business, helping to increase customer engagements and — as a result — sales. However, the term “advertising” is so broad that you have to be sure that the company you are using is going to specify and choose the right advertising techniques for your business.


You can usually tell if a marketing company is focusing on detail if they describe processes, rather than using generalised terms like “social media marketing”– it’s better if they are being very specific, so “Twitter engagement strategy” or “Facebook advert targeting”. This is a sign that they are focusing on both the big and small pictures, giving your business the most complete campaign(s) as a result.

SEO Agency: A Bespoke Service


One of the most frequently outsourced aspects of online business is SEO. SEO is complicated, difficult, and incredibly nuanced– meaning that many entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to DIY their own strategy. It’s at this point you can make the decision to outsource to a reputable SEO company, so your business can take advantage of their industry savvy.


“Savvy” is the key word here. A clever, savvy SEO firm will understand that no two sites require the same SEO strategy. They should tailor a specific SEO practice to your company, your industry, and what you want to achieve as a return on your investment. If a company isn’t specifying why their ideas would work specifically for your business, then this is a bad sign.


Accountancy Firm: Good Communication




Managing the accounts of your business can be exhausting, which is why outsourcing this side of your company to an accountancy firm is a great idea– it can save you a lot of hassle and trouble. However, not all accountancy firms are made equal, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for the right one for your business.


The key to a good accountancy firm is good communication. If there’s a financial problem, you need to know about it– fast. Similarly, if your business is making more money than you were expecting, you need to know that that quickly too– so you can expand and take advantage. Only hire a firm that respond to all communication within 24 hours, and will provide regular updates on how your business finances are running.


In Conclusion

By focusing on obtaining the right outsourced agencies for your business, you can be confident that your company can grow and thrive thanks to the right support.

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Keep On Top Of Your Online Business

The online world is growing every year, and more people are turning to the internet to invest their time and money in the array of products and services available. However, all companies know that they need a strong online presence, so most will have a website and a plethora of social media platforms to utilize and reach their customers and clients. Therefore, there is plenty of competition out there, and in order to stand out from the rest; you need to ensure that you’re putting all your efforts into your online space and making sure that it’s working hard to draw in customer traffic.

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