5 things I’ve learnt (and I’m still learning) as an Entrepreneur.

I NEVER SET OUT TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR, NEVER! As far as I knew, I was not cut out for navigating the business world on my own. I was a good employee at a decent place with a steady income. I was fine until I was not fine anymore. I wanted to use those gifts on my inside the way I wanted, I wanted  to  optimize them. You know, those gifts that show up as tiny glimpses in moments of inspiration. In December 2015, I suddenly decided to take the plunge and not start my business but work with the family business for a bit to enable me re-discover  some things, see things from a different perspective.

After a bit, I became restless again. I still wanted more so I asked myself “ What innate and acquired skills do I have that will provide more self fulfilment and earn me additional income?” I decided to offer my brand building, marketing and creative skills to businesses who can’t afford an agency. Believe me, the day I wanted to launch, I was terrified! I postponed that day several times, asking myself deprecating and needless questions but I’ve so evolved….. below are few of the lessons I have learnt and re-learnt.