We all need to refine our methods for completing certain objectives in our life. One of the most important things for us to fine tune is our career. It is the lifeblood which gives us all agency over the rest of our lives. We’re not strictly talking in terms of revenue here, but in overall life output. Networking, the locations you visit and live, your talents, skillset and future experience are all developed and defined by your career. No matter who you are, you must subject yourself to a period of discipline to develop your adult personality, and give yourself some standing in this world.   That’s right; competence is cool. It has always been cool. From the days of the early hunter/gatherers foraging for food, we humans have prized those in our community who can leap above the demands of the current situation and provide the practical solution which is needed. The fact that desks were invented does not mean this has changed. If you feel that your professional life is lagging behind, and the opportunities you desire aren’t coming your way how you’d like them to, it’s important to make a change. Revitalize your professional life with the handy following guide, and you might find not only your candour and competence improving, but your levels of passion will too. Without further ado:   Re-dress To Impress Your confidence at work is often tied to how you are perceived first, and what you’re offering second. Only the most mentally strong or calm people are able to completely disregard what their colleagues and superiors think of them, especially when surrounded by these people day in and day out. It’s neither superficial nor a silly piece of advice to recommend you dress better. Updating your look will help you grow natural confidence. Put simply, if you feel good, you look good. You should always feel comfortable in yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should never consider changing your wardrobe. If you often wear silly pattern ties, or thick and unflattering garments, take yourself more seriously. You can only expect people to respect you when you respect yourself. Dressing to impress will give you not only the confidence you need, but will show people you care enough to put yourself together well. Consider purchasing and wearing a trendy three-piece suit if a man, or flattering blazers and dark trousers/skirts if female. Consider your accessories, as some can make a real statement. A colored necktie or a jewellery piece can help you express your mood on a given day, and sometimes this is all that’s required for people to ‘get the message.’ Not only that, but dressing better simply helps you seem more put together. This can work if you’re the head of a fortune 500 company, or just starting out with your first apprehensive meeting into the office of an angel investor. No matter who you are, your fashion dictates your confidence, which dictates your personality, which dictates your confidence. Establish this well to give you that added internal security blanket, and look great while achieving all of your aims.   Establish Your Home Working Space Many people consider their job to be localized only centrally in the office they inhabit. If you’re someone who needn’t bring work home with them, this is easy to do. However, this can, unfortunately, render you stable in your comfort levels. The best way to achieve nothing is to feel comfortable in your working capacity. In order to get better, improve, learn new skills and contribute more to your team and by extension your life, you need to craft ways to refine your competence. A great way to do this includes building a home space worthy of personal work time. This can help you develop skillsets of importance, learn more about the subject you need to be well versed in, or research case studies that will help you more effectively close that business deal. It also helps if you genuinely have a period where working from home is encouraged or needed. If you have to hunch over your kitchen table with a laptop while your kids play around you, this can not only make the work you have to do that much more difficult, but decrease the load at which it gets completed. If you can, separating yourself in an office space that’s quiet and peaceful can help with your working candour. It’s also important to make this area solely an environment for work/self-study and learning, and nothing else. At the very least, a new computer with separate working and personal OS profiles will prevent you from being distracted. However, to begin, you’ll need a list of implements. A home printer with affordable and cheap printer cartridges, as well as a competent computer able to run all software you need to complete your duties well. You will need VPN software that helps encrypt your traffic online, perfect if logging into secure networks or working on projects you would rather not be spied on. A good pair of headphones can help you isolate the noise around you while you work to ambient classical music - this is proven to help your focus. Installing a VoIP system can help you easily transition between landline and internet calls, helping you stay in touch with colleagues and clients alike. Flourish your office space with binders, filings and shelves to house individual paperwork on to keep it organized and tidy. Purchase a relaxing yet supportive office chair that helps you focus on your work, and not degrade your posture. Make sure the lighting is conducive to looking at a screen for long periods. Before you know it you’ll be completing more and better work at home than anything you did in the office. This is not a false promise. A working environment has a great effect on your output, mental clarity and motivation. It’s important for this reason to craft your office in this way, a way which enables and fosters the best of you.   Social Smarts Working intelligence is often something which is praised for its ability to translate into practical terms. Your overall IQ may be one reading, but if you’re unable to bring that to your work, you can have difficulty proving your worth. For this reason, you need to work on the ‘street smarts’ of  your professional life. One of the most important of these is developing and honing your social skills. This is something that even the most low-key office worker will have trouble avoiding. We need to work with people for our firm to have any degree of success. It’s very rare that successful people do so completely without help or interaction with others. Even the best and most isolated writers must rely on a publishing team, a PR team and the avenues of sale to help translate their art into sales. Thanks to the universal need of humans to be social, working on professional social skills can skyrocket you into the next stage of your professional life. Work on your eye contact, as in your ability to hold it gracefully and not oddly. Smile when you speak, and use open body language. Make sure your body is projecting an inviting tone, as over 80% of communication is nonverbal. Read widely around your subjects of competence to know what you’re actually talking about. Be interested, because that’s the quickest way to becoming interesting. One of the dreaded fears of most employees throughout industries is the hesitancy around public speaking. Presenting your ideas to a panel or large professional audience can seem like a hellish prospect. To improve your feeling and ability around these events, attending groups such as toastmasters, or even your local no-pressure improv society to gain a  degree of public comfort when under the spotlight. You needn’t be the next Brando, Pacino or De Niro, but becoming more yourself in a public setting can surely help your confidence interpersonally. Just be sure to stay aware of yourself and know when to contribute as your social skills improve. Too many people gain confidence and then are too willing to dominate a conversation, stunting their relationship progress with the most important colleagues around them.   Understand Weakness Getting better at anything is a simply balance between understanding your weaknesses, and progressing towards your strengths. Exercise a degree of humility around your actions, even when making strides as the advice here lists. The more you are able to overcome your flaws, and turn them into strengths, the better and more wholesome you will be. This will forge you into a natural business leader, one more able to assess the difficulties of lower level employees, and through that one more able to optimize a team’s output. Your professional life is never something that is static. It is a dynamic process, something you must always train to get better, no matter you achievements or experience. With these tips, you can be sure that revitalizing is not only possible, it’s inevitable. We wish you the best of luck on your renewed professional journey.

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