Running a successful business all about managing your revenue, costs and profits. However, knowing where that money is going to come and go from is just as important as actually making it. Your cash flow is the money going into and out of your business, and if there is an issue here, then your business is ultimately doomed to failure. Here are two ways that you can improve your cash flow. Diversify   This one might sound strange. If you are struggling with cash flow, then surely diversifying is the last thing you want to do? Well perhaps not. If your main business struggles to get payments through on a regular basis or your clients only pay once a quarter or something similar, then setting up a smaller side project can be helpful. For example, let’s imagine that you provide a service to companies improving their web design. This takes time and might mean that you work on a single project for a month or two before sending an invoice off to get paid. This invoice might then take a further 3 months before it is paid. This means that you will have a 5 month period where you haven’t been paid. So as well as doing your regular work, you should diversify and perhaps offer some web design to individuals or small companies at a far lower fee, and that will take far less time to complete. These two parts will then compliment each other, and you will find that your cash flow is much better. Depending on what you plan to diversify into you might need additional capital or a line of credit to get you started. There are a number of companies ( that can help you out, so you shouldn’t be afraid to take this path. A small amount of borrowing can go a long way if you have a plan for how to pay it back and use that money to grow your business.   Improve Marketing Effective marketing is often the key to any business. You need to be able to convince customers to buy from your company and not your competitors. In this digital world we live in this often means effective digital marketing. This, in turn, means having a social media presence and using it to its fullest. Having accounts on the major networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but others such as Pinterest and Instagram depending on the nature of your business will work wonders when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Each person that visits your website means another potential customer to buy your product or service. However, marketing is about more than just social media and things like AdWords can help to put your website out there in adverts on other people’s websites. Every little bit helps push more people towards your site and ultimately towards making a purchase. You should use analytics to track all of your marketing and make sure you know what works and what doesn’t.

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