When you’re running an online business, there comes a point when you will find yourself having to reach for outside help. There’s only so much that one person can do, after all; you can’t expect yourself to understand all of the ins and outs that running your business tends to require.   There are four main areas of an online business that may be beneficial to outsource. Below, we’ll explore these in depth, and give you a strong idea of what you should expect from each specific agency.   Advertising Agency: Expect… Attention To Detail   Advertising is one of the most important aspects of your business, helping to increase customer engagements and -- as a result -- sales. However, the term “advertising” is so broad that you have to be sure that the company you are using is going to specify and choose the right advertising techniques for your business.   You can usually tell if a marketing company is focusing on detail if they describe processes, rather than using generalised terms like “social media marketing”-- it’s better if they are being very specific, so “Twitter engagement strategy” or “Facebook advert targeting”. This is a sign that they are focusing on both the big and small pictures, giving your business the most complete campaign(s) as a result. SEO Agency: A Bespoke Service   One of the most frequently outsourced aspects of online business is SEO. SEO is complicated, difficult, and incredibly nuanced-- meaning that many entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to DIY their own strategy. It’s at this point you can make the decision to outsource to a reputable SEO company, so your business can take advantage of their industry savvy.   “Savvy” is the key word here. A clever, savvy SEO firm will understand that no two sites require the same SEO strategy. They should tailor a specific SEO practice to your company, your industry, and what you want to achieve as a return on your investment. If a company isn’t specifying why their ideas would work specifically for your business, then this is a bad sign.   Accountancy Firm: Good Communication   [img]   Managing the accounts of your business can be exhausting, which is why outsourcing this side of your company to an accountancy firm is a great idea-- it can save you a lot of hassle and trouble. However, not all accountancy firms are made equal, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for the right one for your business.   The key to a good accountancy firm is good communication. If there’s a financial problem, you need to know about it-- fast. Similarly, if your business is making more money than you were expecting, you need to know that that quickly too-- so you can expand and take advantage. Only hire a firm that respond to all communication within 24 hours, and will provide regular updates on how your business finances are running.   In Conclusion By focusing on obtaining the right outsourced agencies for your business, you can be confident that your company can grow and thrive thanks to the right support.

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