The 3 Main Issues That Hold You Back From Developing A Business

Developing a business is not something you accidentally fall into. It’s not like someone wakes up in the morning and decides while brushing their teeth that today is the day they apply for that bank loan. It’s often a careful and considered choice, something which has potentially been pondered for years beforehand. This is because if a business goes wrong and ruins the financial strength of someone, that’s a permanent and difficult thing to deal with. People would rather avoid that fate, meaning that they often hesitate from seeing the ‘go light’ when it comes to their financial dreams.

There are many reasons why someone might hesitate from developing their business from the beginning, even if they’re completely sure they have a novel and excellent idea to present to the world. We have listed but three of them:




Debt can prevent us from doing almost everything. From lowering our quality of life to afflicting us with bad credit that prevents future loans, it can be difficult to justify opening a new business when you have bills chasing you, and the letters/phone calls/agent visitations which occur as a result of that. If you’re in this situation, we’d recommend a debt settlement beforehand. You might be thinking ‘what is debt settlement?’ Well, it’s often a sum negotiated by a firm on your behalf to pay a reduced amount of your debts in one lump sum. This helps this entire difficulty of payment completely reduce in size, volume and intensity. If you’re truly hoping to overcome your debt burdens and have some loose savings, this might be the best place to invest them. It’s always best to start a business with less funding and no debt, then good funding and being saddled with debt.




People often dislike the idea of being the complete author of their daily life and finances. It’s much easier to rest in a corporation with a guaranteed pay date, benefits, healthcare etc. It might sound like we’re insulting those with a salaried position, but we’re truly not. The security that brings can be a complete convenience and is often the most desirable state of affairs for an employee. Running out on your own and neglecting this takes confidence, and an almost delusional quality that everything you want CAN be achieved. If you’re not 100% confident in your ambitions, then it’s hard to get going.


If you can, work on your competence, work on your planning, and work on your social ability and negotiation skills. You are the main and most important asset of your business, and so investing in yourself is wise. With this comes confidence, and with that the main step out in the wilderness of the free market.




It can be difficult to find the time to run a business while holding a career. This is often why people find that dropping out of their full time and getting a weekend job is the only means they have of chasing their dreams. This will always be a highly personal endeavor, but scheduling your time more effectively, tightly budgeting your finances and trying to ascertain just what quality of life you can live with as you build up your ability can be fruitful in making time an ally, and not a curse towards your business.


With these tips, you’re sure to enjoy a wonderful and practical new business development.

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