3 Things That Could Be Affecting Your Confidence

We can all suffer from low self esteem. The moments in life where we really struggle to muster up the confidence necessary to face life head on, can be really tough. Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint why we feel the way we do and what has happened to bring our self-esteem down to such a low level. Here are three of the most common reasons for low self esteem so that we can help pinpoint potential problem areas in order to take action and get back to our normal, confident selves.


Anxiety and stress can take its toll on the human body and mind in many different ways. One of those ways is through our confidence. It is difficult to feel confident and in control of life when you feel that you are not coping in your current job, relationship or family life. We can feel like we are failing and that we are not good enough for the life that we are leading.

However dealing with anxiety and stress is a complicated road but one which is completely possible and extremely plausible. Being able to get to the real root of your anxiety is the best place to start. Once you have identified what it is in your life that is making you feel so stressed and therefore so inadequate will mean that you know how to start taking the steps to gain control back and start working on building back up your confidence and strength to deal with the challenges of daily life.


Now here is the catch 22 situation. When we start to suffer from low self-esteem we generally tend to shy away from doing the things we used to enjoy when we were feeling more ourselves. And the more we shy away from the things we enjoy the more our self-esteem seems to suffer. Therefore it is really important to avoid this damaging cycle.

Distancing ourselves from our social life, hobbies and friends only leads to isolation and a lost sense of who we are so one of the best things that we can do, when we feel that our confidence is low, is to push ourselves to stay social and surround ourselves with the people that care about it. Hobbies, friends and an active life are truly the best combination to enable us to find ourselves again and come out the other side of periods of low self-esteem, feeling happier and more confident again.

3.Physical Attributes


Another big cause of low self-esteem can be problem skin. Acne as one of the main skin problems in women can be a really downer when it comes to feeling really happy and confident in our own skin. Most teenagers are expected to have skin breakouts from time to time, but it can be an embarrassing problem for adults, who are left wondering, ‘why am I still getting all these breakouts?’.

There are a huge variety of products and treatments available today to deal with all types of skin problems. So the best place to start is by scheduling a visit to your dermatologist who will be able to look at your individual skin problem and advise you on the best course of treatment.


A beautiful, perfect smile is such a desirable thing in modern day society. Feeling paranoid about bad teeth can really bring us down as we feel that we can’t beam at the world the way that we want to.

A lot of the time feeling bad about our teeth is mainly in our head, but some of the time there are definitely little things that we can be doing to improve them. Best place to start is by going to your dentist or cosmetic dentist and talking through your concerns to see if they have any practical advice about anything that you can do. Perhaps your teeth are just in need of a good clean and polish, sometimes they just need a little straightening out. So talk to your dentist about your concerns and see what she, or he, can suggest.


This explains the proliferation of the “FitFam” movement around the world. With our celebrity role models and icons looking their best in the Media, the pressure is on for the regular Joe to look trim, lean and ripped! We forget that it takes a village to keep these celebs looking glam decade after decade.

The above are only a few of the causes of self esteem but the good news is that you can seek help, from friends, family, a coach, trainer among other professionals. There’s no reason  to stew in that esteem issue. Get help today.

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