4 ways to build a friendlier brand

When you’re building your brand, you should make it friendly. Naturally, you want your audiences on social media and indeed  anyone who interacts with you to feel the love enough  to do business with you.  However, the act of building a brand can feel kind of impersonal in itself because you have to focus on being professional. Fortunately, you can be professional but still create a dynamic brand that speaks to people on a personal level. If you want to know how your brand can come across as friendly and approachable, here are some of the things you can consider doing.

Stay Connected and Communicative

For a brand  to be friendly and approachable, you need to work on your communication. People should feel that they can approach you when they need to and they should also see you getting involved in conversations. The first step is to be available for your clients and communicate with them in their preferred way. You can always use social media to communicate more openly with other people and stay connected to both current clients, past ones, and possible future ones. Social media, especially,  allows you to start and take part in conversations that help to make your brand more visible and endears your audiences to you. Social Media is a two-way street.

Give Gifts to Clients

Showing your clients that you appreciate them is a great idea. There are times when giving them a gift is a smart choice if you want to appear friendly and thoughtful. You might give them a gift or a congratulatory note if they achieve something professionally or for a personal event, like a birthday or the birth of their child. Check out this Kikori whisky review for some inspiration on traditional gifts with a twist or even African artwork for my Western peeps. Personal gifts are even better because they show that you know your clients well and pay attention.


Present a More Casual Persona

To create a friendly brand, you want to avoid coming across as too formal. If you use a tone in any of your communications that seems a bit stiff, you will no doubt  sound boring. Getting the balance  between friendliness and professionalism  can be tough but it’s worth thinking carefully about your written communication to get the right tone, which can be pretty tough. It’s often easier over the phone or face to face, but only if you’re feeling confident.

Live Your Values

Do you have a page on your website listing your values or those of your business? If you want to show that you care, don’t just tell people what your values are. Demonstrating them is an absolute must. You can live your values in a variety of ways, depending on what they are. Team up with a charity, do some volunteering, make diverse hires, be kind to your clients, let you rvalues show even especially in the details of your customer service.and do whatever else shows that you’re committed to your values.


Present a friendly brand persona by working on these areas to start with. I leave you with the saying – People forget anything you say or do, but they never forget how you made them feel.



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