7 lessons from the Spirit Life Conference 2017.

I am a Christian and naturally, in the past decade, I have attended hundreds of conferences. With each passing year, I strive to objectively review their effect on my life and if they have brought about the change that drew me to those meetings in the first place. Many us need to carry out this mental review dispassionately   from time to time.

In any case, once in a while, one of such conferences comes along and inevitably makes a lasting impact on your life, answering your questions and recalibrating your  long-held ideologies. Such as the Spirit Life Conference. Where to begin?

Aside from the excellence in  the thorough and fantastic media campaign typical of House on the Rock, the subject EMERGE sealed the deal for me on this one (and I’m not one to attend every single conference held by my home church). Pastor Paul had been teaching for several months about the subject of emerging out of obscurity, and out of our little corner of the world and shining our light in the rest of the world. He had encouraged us countless time to take on the world of Business and Economy, Politics, Entertainment and to spread our wings leveraging the power of the Hoy Spirit on our insides to activate positive influences. We cannot continue to shine our light only in the church, when we are meant to shine this light on the darkness around the world.

In this year’s Spirit Life Conference, We had Bishop Wayne Malcolm, Tudor Bismark, Funke Felix Adejumo and the Bishop of Bishop, TD Jakes. It was surreal and while there are a thousand things I could share with you, I will keep it to 7 (how apt) things I took away from the conference.


  1. God wants you to be wealthy but He will only put wealth in the hands of those who know what to do with it Most of the greatest men never went on a quest to amass wealth, they sought to make impact. Mark Zukerburg did not create Facebook for money, today, he owns Instagram and Whats App as well. He simply wanted to connect people and today, is worth 71.5 billilon dollars. Bill Gates (85.2 Billion Dollars) wanted to build software to cater to personal computers and today gives a huge percentage of his earnings to charity and so on . Making that much money wasn’t the first motivation for these men. The service and purpose you offer your world will lead you to amazing wealth and resources..


  1. If there will be a transformation in your life, there must be a revelation in your heart. It’s what gives you strength for the fight. In Genesis, the Spirit of God moved over the waters but change came only when He spoke. Nothing happens until God speaks and your life will not change until you hear what God is saying about you and your situation You can be heavily anointed and still not emerge until God speaks.


  1. We will live with uncertainty all our lives because the moment you get good at something, God takes you to yet another level.. He propels you forward. Emerging into what you are meant to be is similar to childbirth but once a child is born, he dies to world he knew – the womb  – and is born to the outside world. There’s a thin line between birth and death therefore. Life is a matrix of living and dying from one level and being birthed to the next. God is a dynamic being, always moving you from one level to the next. As soon as we fall in love with a place God has put us in, He moves us again- God is always moving. Every womb you come out of, opens you up to another womb. Growth is, therefore, disruptive. If you don’t enjoy change, you won’t like God. You have to disrupt where you are to get to where you are going.

       4.God uses misfits; It is the rejection you experience that makes you cling to God for stability. Next                  time people reject you, and they will, remember He selects people just like you. Look at it, Moses,                    Joseph even Jesus were misfits.

      5. Miracles have a schedule, opportunities have a deadline. God requires that you work for it                 while you pray for it. Stop telling people you are waiting on God when He is in fact, waiting on you.. God           is not slow, He’s just waiting on you. When there is an investment, He will bring a return on that. You’ve           got work to do and there’s no time to worry about what others are doing and what they think about you,          it’s time to get busy so that God can come in and bless you. My greatest fear is to finally get my moment             and not be prepared. The Preparation period is not a time to spend waiting but one to get ready for                   something that hasn’t happened yet. You have to be ready to build your ark in the backyard before the              rain actually comes. You have to be willing to work for what you see on the inside and look like a fool.                You have to be ready for when “morning comes” because no excuses will be entertained. Stop trying to              get people   to invest in something you haven’t invested in yourself. The difference between a                      dream and a goal is a  date. It is wonderful to have dreams but God is looking for those with goals.             Cut through  the hard stuff in private so God can reward you in public.

      6. Your Battle is your Bread

The process of transition is always a painful one, just ask the Israelites. Whatever promise you have                   from  God is always guarded by problems. Many times, you can’t see the promise because of the                         problems  blocking your view.You need great faith to see beyond the problems in your life in order to                 perceive the promise over your  life. Nobody places a guard where there is no treasure. When the                       devil knows that God has a promise        for you, he places a guard at the entrance to that promise and              those who don’t have the tenacity to  withstand  it will collapse on the road. Many want to                   wear           the cloak of the saints but don’t want to   engage in the  warfare. Nothing you go through                  is a                waste, if you are going through a battle right now, it’s because there’s bread on the other side.


     7.   If God lets you see it, you can be it. Success is when you see what you had in your head come alive             in the physical and you see it face to face. Its beyond just having material wealth.In the journey of life,              God gives glimpses of your future in the midst of your turmoil to stop you from giving up.



Many Christians around these parts seek deliverance services where hands would be laid on you with an expected move of the Holy Spirit for us to see results in our lives but you see, what most of us in fact need is a mindset change and a mentality revamp. That’s all the deliverance we really need to enjoy our lives and make the most of it. I’m only praying we have more of these in future.


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Thanks Guys!


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  1. Taiwo


    Hmmmmmmmm! I feel so exited and loaded after reading this thoughtful and inspiring content. So motivating… I pray to God Almighty to continue to endow you with more of His grace to do exploits… The Lord is your strength.

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