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A mother’s love is a phenomenal thing, a powerful self-sustaining force that guides its bearer on an life-long journey of duty,sacrifices, joy, fears, hopes and fulfillment. It is one of the wonders of the world and reflects the Love of God towards mankind.

In a world where there are all imaginable “genres of self serving love” , this one remains a paradox. Recipients, whose existence once depended on it, start to find it annoying, inconvenient and uncool especially as they advance in age and make their way in life. It,nevertheless, remains the true fountain of unconditional acceptance and charity. It is forever a sure thing. It is made of luxuriant,exquisite fabric which, in spite of its delicate state, can withstand incredible pressure. It is also a legacy passed on to Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. They in fact,get the sweeter-but-no-less-intense version of this love.

Mothers aren’t perfect people but they will love with all they’ve got whether it be Wealth or little, Spiritual fervor or apathy, Wisdom or Ignorance Class or Crass etc. They will love you with all they have. A mother becomes a fiercely protective Tiger where her children are concerned, irrespective of her natural disposition. The animal kingdom referenced totally proves my point.

Having recently become a mother myself, I have experienced its intensity from a fresh perspective. Nicely tucked in between two generations, I have been an endless recipient of this love and been favoured enough to pass it on. Being a mom is the best job in the world,inspite of the daily grind. I hear people say “The hustle is real”. Well, motherhood is the real hustle but nothing beats the feeling of your toddler running to you for ” protection” or a hug after school and planting a big kiss on your face.

This month,I celebrate my mother, an endless source of affection and comfort , a pillar of tireless support, known to shield her children from Spiritual,Emotional,Psychological, Financial and all manner of strain. Her devotion is incomprehensible and many times, unreciprocated. I eulogize you this season of your birthday and always and I pray I can be as good a mother to my children,as you have been to me and my sisters. I may not show it but I love you very much and appreciate all you do.

I must also appreciate my other mother who has unconditionally extended the love for her son to his wife. This is another incredible dimension to a mother’s love – that a mother would warmly embrace her son’s choice even if said woman differs in thoughts and philosophies. Thank you for expanding my experience of a mother’s love… Many women approach the concept of a mother-in law with trepidation. And I was no different at the start. You have, daily, proven that such fear and caution is needless with you. Love you mummy.

The love of a mother is a free gift of creation which not all, unfortunately, may be privileged to experience in its full capacity. Life is a mystery and sometimes, a father offers this love, on other days, it’s a foster mother or an auntie or even a Good Samaritan. I acknowledge and applaud you.Those are big shoes to fill.

Before you roll your eyes at the supposed cliche of all my sentiments today, I would like you to check out the YouTube video below from American Greetings. My advertising colleagues can relate,it made the rounds back in the day…and it resonated!


At the end of the day, the love of a mother is unfettered, limitless, graceful,fierce and infinite. It is true, unearned, priceless and irreplaceable.This is why Yorubas in their wisdom say “Orisa bi iya,ko si” meaning: “No one has your back like your mother” or better still, “there’s no “Guardian Angel comparable to a mother”. Her love is an account that is always funded and withdrawals are always welcome. What’s more, banking hours are 24/7.

Please reach out today and love on your mum, no matter the state of your relationship. After your creator, Nobody can ever love you like your mom,I promise.

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  1. Motherhood is indeed a FULL time job. I saw this cartoon the other day, it had the picture of this woman in three scenarios. The first one was the woman calming her wailing baby followed by the words “I can’t sleep” second image had her chasing a toddler with the same words ” I can’t sleep” third image saw her nursing her child back to health with same words ” I can’t sleep” and the funniest was the child now grown going out to have a nice time with friends saying to his mom: “mum don’t wait up’ but she responded with the words ‘ How can I sleep’. I giggled but it resonated with me( well my mum am not one yet). Even as a grown 30 something year old she wants to pack me lunch, tend to my hair, iron my clothes aaaaaaargh!!!! Now I almost pull my hair out telling her to STOOOP!!! But hey that’s all she knows to do, multi task and tend to her children. A special shout out to the widows out there ( my mum being one) who for almost 30years chose not to remarry ( I asked her once why she didn’t and she said her attention would have been divided between us the new husband and new children so she chose us. WOW!!!! Deep) but held down the fort playing dad and mum!!! There are super mums and there are extra terrestrials I think my mum is the later. She sits with Zeus and the others lol!!! Nice one Ayo!!!

  2. I appreciated my mum more when I had kids; it dawned on me how much she truly loves me.
    There’s almost nothing I can’t do for my girls, I look at them and my heart overflows with love.
    And, happy birthday to your mum; she’s one of God’s blessings to me too cos she’s taken me as a daughter and I love her so much especially when she’s dispensing wisdom. 😙

  3. You av spoken d words Sis! May God bless our mothers !Happy birthday to mummy! I av known you guys for decades and your mum has been an amazing woman.

  4. Well captured! Mothers are so passionate in loving. I was awed when I first watched the inserted video. Standout AY thanks for reminding us all and a big happy birthday to Mummy, may she have many more years of celebration leading up to seeing her children and great grand children becoming all God had designed them to become.
    Great day!

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