It’s been such an emotional time for this blogger. A time for memories and certainly not what you think you. This time, its not about the flowers, cake, chocolate and colours, oh no. This time, I’m reminded of mortality. It's been three years since my dad died  and a vibrant young man(Eric Arubayi), a family friend, died exactly a week ago. These two occasions and the memories they hold shut me down for days. My dad, I miss, and wish I had spent more time with. I wish I had talked with him more but I thought I was busy and that I would speak with him next week and the next until that became an impossibility. Naturally, we had our differences, as with all parent-child relationships. Today, those differences pale in importance to quality time and conversation. I remember my last visit with him like it was yesterday. I knew it was our last. I knew, like I knew it was my last visit with my maternal Grandma. That was the only Grandparent I got to spend any time with because of mortality. As a social media buff this past week, I was hit by an avalanche of messages from all quarters as many paid their last respects to Eric with tweets, posts, reposts, shares and hashtags which I’m sure he did not command in his lifetime. It was so ironic watching all the love flowing his way after his death at valentine’s season. And so, I’m reminded of the following things which most of us know but forget in the scheme of things. Yes, we have daily, valid hustles but need to remember the following:
  1. Eternity is realer  than ever. Find God and hold Him tight.
  2. The issue of life and death is  really a lonely business at the end of the day, no one died with him or will share in his joyful welcome at the throne, not even his loved ones.
  3. We need to stop loving the dead; there are too many dead VIPs whilst too many people are alive and need your attention, love and support. Reach out now!
  4. You can still die of complications in 2017, watch your back, hard. And, I really could boil this down to the healthcare system in Nigeria but I won’t because, regular innocent people are killed daily in the States (the land of the free and the home of the brave) and all other parts of the world, 3rd world or not.
  5. It could happen to anyone. He was a year older than me! We attended the same church, had the same friends, had our first kids months apart, served the same God! You are not promised tomorrow, don’t get too sucked in with work and even your family, prepare your mansions in heaven now.
  6. Fame is one thing, impact is another. Eric Arubayi may have not been as famous in his life as in his death but he was positively impactful through his ministry, his gift and his personality. He left many with amazing memories that continue to inspire us with each post or repost. I got a little taste of  his naughty frankness, still smarting from his tongue-in –cheek comment about my home décor (laughs).
  7. Where are you spending eternity? You can even worry about your fame and your impact but will you be granted eternal rest? That’s the real question requiring an answer whether you’re a Christian or not. I’d rather you’re a Christian as that’s the only way to God (Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." (John 14: 6, NLT). If you have any questions about this, please send me a mail to
Goodnight Daddy, Goodnight Eric. See you in the morning! So there you have it, how was your valentine? Love, Ayodotun  

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