An afternoon with style blogger…Monica Awe-Etuk

Photo Credit: Tuke Morgan

Yes, the knowledge economy is here to stay… the master classes, workshops, conferences and what not, have only just begun. And it only means we are all growing as a people, as long as we make those experiences as instructive and as practical as possible. So, I  recall a really informative  Master Class with influential style blogger Monica Awe-Etuk. Monica is an Atlanta-based blogger of Nigerian origin who was in town recently.

I was interested in this particular meeting because it was advertised that she would share what make for a great blog, amazing instagram pages like hers ( you should check her out @awedbymoni) and how SMEs can leverage Social Media for Business. She does have an incredible Instagram  page and blog,  and has  quite a lot of brand collaborations to her name. I’ve attended tons of classes on these subjects but then your thirst and curiosity for knowledge must never cease.

So, as usual, I share my summarized bite-sized nuggets:

For the  bloggers,

  • Your blog is an expression of you and  to create the perfect blog, you must identify your passion and your voice, chose the right blog platform, page format, create compelling content and build your following. The need for self expression led me to blogging so I can totally relate.
  • Different blog platforms have what they offer you…Word Press has great Search Engine Optimization Pushers, SquareSpace has beautiful themes and layouts while Blogger is owned by Google and so they push traffic to you for Google search, helping build your numbers. You, therefore, need to identity your priorities and choose a blog platform accordingly.
  • Newsletters with great content are a great way to keep your audience engaged, you can motivate people to subscribe by offering them discounts etc.
  • Images are worth a thousand words and so pictures on your site, should be 600px ( for a balance of sharpness and size) so your site doesn’t take too long to load. You can always resize pictures on your phone or laptop.
  • To build your following, you have to be searchable, tagging all your pictures and articles goes a long way and don’t forget to use as many specific social media(hashtags) as you can and this applies to everyone, blogger or not.
  • To Monetize your blog…
  • Have a media kit which indicates your statistics, the brands you have collaborated with and your portfolio, its showcases your level of influence as a blogger. You need it ready when collaborators or brands come calling, sell yourself.
  • You need a rate card or rate cards for different kinds or levels of businesses or brands you will work with
  • You cannot work with every brand, only the ones with values that are aligned with yours. In some cases, you collaborate not just for the money but for the clout you get from working on a project.


Photo Credit: Tuke Morgan

For small businesses…

  • Your social media pages must be cohesive, be consistent with colours, style of images with minimal noise i.e distracting elements that stick out not stand out(my words). Instagram is the most obvious platform where this plays out, and right now, it remains the most influential platform while Facebook’s demographic is older, they have the actual money to purchase your service. In short, don’t lose either group. And there’s more, get on Pinterest too!. If you can’t do it all yourself, hire someone to.
  • Still on consistency, use particular filters often for your images, use the lightroom app to enhance your images (that’s what Monica uses, all pictures pass this app before she posts).
  • To gain visibility,
    • Schedule time daily to interact on Social media. This is beyond posting content. Check pages of your target audiences and their friends and interact with likes and constructive, well thought out comments(not the generic ones like “Love it”, “Awesome”). People will get curious, when you share thoughtful comments and will check out your page/feed. If it looks great and consistent (as advised), they will follow you.
    • Describe yourself clearly in your Bio or “About” page
    • Using relevant and specific hashtags based on your business and location will ensure you are found…make good use of the 30 hashtags you are allowed per post.
  • Remember Social Media is veritable ground for research, note the content that people engage with and the ones they ignore…it tells you what resonates with them and what doesn’t.
  • Your following and your reach are two different things, check your daily analytics updates on Instagram.
  • Post content a number of times daily. Track your analytics page to note the best times for you to post(based on your following) and work with that.

All the above being said… should you require some help with your blog or social media content and management, email me – for samples let’s set up a meeting. See more about how we can help you.



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