The Asher Smith Collection; Switch up your style (4)

This week, we complete our series on the Asher Smith Collection, hope you’ve picked up a few ideas and affordable ready-to-wear pieces from her.

The Belted Shift Dress


A dress that delivers an office look and can transcend to a evening look is real value for your money.

For the office/day look, keep your accessories minimalist, but for the night look, go to  town with those earrings and necklaces please.


The Studded Shift dress

For that elegant and stunning look  on the red carpet at a cocktail, this Grecian studded dress is the perefect choice. This is easy breezy glam delivered you at a great price. Not everytime, spanx or body magic, sometimes, easy does it, just like this dress. It suits all body shapes.


The two –piece set

By now you should know l love functional clothes and getting value for your money.

This outfit is a 2 piece! You can alternate another bottom for the pants and vice versa for the top.

It suits people with smaller upper bodies


The Little Blue dress.

Sometimes, a little  blue dress would do just fine. It’s a great foundation on which you can layer the accessories as the occasion demands.



For many more looks from Asher Smith’s current collection, please visit @Ashersmithdesigners on Instagram and Facebook.


Photography @lamideadeyemi on Instagram

Outfits: @AsherSmithDesigners on Instagram

Make up: @Darliza Makeovers & @DhermmieSignature on Instagram

Jewellery: @mojitasho on Instagran


Tinuke ojikutu is a fashion designer and has been in the Fashion business for a decade. Her core area in the fashion world is designing and pattern making.
She graduated from the University of Ibadan in Ibadan. She is an alumnus of Pan African​ University. She acquired her Fashion skills/ education through online courses,books and learning from other designers.
She has a fashion school that was ranked amongst the top ten schools in Lagos by City people in 2012, the school has a very strong alumni group. She has been featured in magazines and newspapers like Gem woman, City people, telegraph newspaper to mention a few. Her creations  are been worn around the world. She gives talk and hold seminars for aspiring designers.
She is happily married to  Tunde ojikutu an HR consultant and they both live in Lagos Nigeria



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