My birthday musings…10 lessons from 2016

So, it’s my birthday on the 4th of December. Obviously, birthdays are times to reflect on the past year and for me, this is mostly the case as mine comes at the end of the year. It is especially the case for me, because 2016 has been a pivotal year for me. If take loads of reflection, add some discoveries, plenty of reminders, loads of victories and include several shots of Aha moments, then you have my 2016 described.

To cut the long story short, here are 10 key things among all I have learnt or re-learnt in the past year. They are very simple, basic but powerful reminders really.

  1. You can change things in your life, it’s really all in your hands. No matter the situation, ask God to lead you through it!
  2. There’s so much good to discover! The world is really more than your city, your immediate family and friends. It’s beyond the books and the movies you have seen. Expand your mind; expand your world. Travel to other places, read other books, meet other people and do other things. When you discover one thing, it leads to another and then, another.
  3. Never say never. The secret has been leaked, anything can happen – good or bad. Trump was elected president amidst worldwide criticism and bitter social media jokes, a woman ran for president of the most powerful nation in the world, Brexit happened, Police brutality on blacks continues in what’s supposed to be the land of the free. Nigeria is recording bestselling books again. So, what’s your excuse?
  4. Rejection is nothing. They really aren’t rejecting you, they just haven’t seen what you are made of. Show them and they will come around. Sometimes, it’s not even that deep, people are really just busy with their lives, and here you are, interpreting their busyness as rejection…
  5. You can package those latent skills, little seeds of talents-basically what you have on the inside to make money. There’s no need to flog this one. Just look at the social media sensations around you. From Emmanuella, a child you could have easily overlooked  to the eccentric Maraji or uber talented EmmaOhmyGod,  they only applied the’ raw materials’ they had and  bam today, they are recording cameo appearances, bookings or awards locally and internationally.
  6. With the spate of divorces in this day and age and even with religious environment, society needs to take the pressure off. We are treating marriage like a fad, because my friends are doing it, lemme do it. We forget that fads disappear with time. Don’t be in a hurry, take it easy and figure what you want from life and marriage figures itself out following that.
  7. When it’s God’s time, its God’s time. The universe will conspire to make things happen when its time. Don’t kill yourself over it.
  8. Fear is a lie. That you are afraid, doesn’t mean you’re not capable. Far from it. Feel the fear and do what you’ve got to do. If you don’t ask or try, the answer will always be NO.
  9. Don’t chase people, chase dreams. They will come after  you. If you don’t take a chance on yourself first, nobody will take a chance on you.
  10. Everything begins with your mind; it’s always a mind thing, whether you’re driving for the first time or investing your money. Get your mind in the right place and all else will follow.



If you are following me on social media or reading my blog, most of the above are thoughts that I have shared in my articles in the course of the year. If not, just take this as a summary and be sure to visit again son to read the old articles in detail or check out new ones.


Cheers to the new year!


Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you.








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  1. Everything starts and ends in the mind. It’s like the popular saying by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Once the mind is in the right place, everything would follow. Trust you had a great time yesterday.
    Love you…

  2. Hope you had a good birthday… add this to make it number 11… WHEN YOU GO ALONE YOU GO FAST, WHEN YOU GO WITH PEOPLE YOU GO FAR.

  3. Yes… great lessons you have there! Fear is truly a lie. It’s d devil’s tool to stop us from achieving our goals/desires cos he’s afraid of us.

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