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Dear Entrepreneur,

In these competitive times, you need to tell your brand’s story in a most compelling and COST EFFECTIVE way via your various promotional materials. We are you best bet, especially if you cannot afford an Advertising Agency! We will put together a plan of action to build your brand from scratch or take it to the next level:

We help you create/recreate your Brand Identity (Logos, Brand Guidelines etc

We  develop  Brand Campaign Strategies, Design those ADs and guide on  Media/Channels 

We create, edit  Website Page Content and guide on User Experience

We create Social Media Campaigns & Content (Strategies, Images/Designs and  posts/captions) and train you to create your campaigns

We write/edit/post Press Releases, Sponsored Stories, E-books etc

We  edit and design  Business Profiles/Proposals

We  provide Art Direction for/supervise Product/Facility shoots (Photo/Video)

We produce music jingles and radio ADs.

We provide general Brand consulting  Services

Why don’t you a focus on your core business and leave the  sales pitch to us? Just provide us with the raw materials i.e information about your organisation and we will recreate, edit, curate your information in order to present  your products/services in the best way possible to your target audiences.

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What have we done before?

Please see below for snippets of our portfolio, This is only a fraction of what we have done. Detailed presentation available on request. Pls send mail to for more.

Brand Identity Manuals

An excerpt of brand manual for a client.

Brand Logos

Websites (Page Planning, Content Creation & Editing, Product descriptions, User Experience Advisory etc)


Banrut Group corporate website-


Song23 Productions Corporate

Social Media Strategy, Content and Management

Some of the Social Media pages we currently manage.

@coronaschoolstrustcouncil  @banrutrolls_ng   @song23productions    @Chinavilleng


NB: Pages also managed on Facebook  and Twitter

Banners, Posters, Quote cards etc  for Social Media, Web & Print.





Business Proposals

Ollay Creatives Company profile vs2 (2)  (give image a minute to load).

Note: Much of our work in this regard is not represented here due to confidentiality of information.

Product videos






Animated Whiteboard videos



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