Branding Your Launch Event: A Guide For Startup Owners

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Your product or service launch event is a momentous occasion as a startup owner. It’s the result of a lot of hard work, deep thinking, and many sleepless nights. So, don’t blow it by failing to create a unique experience that shows off your brand at its best.

You have to bear in mind that branding a business event isn’t just a case of printing out your company logo on a few flyers and handing them around to random strangers. It’s actually an integral part of the event that should help you show attendees and interested guests precisely what you are all about.

It’s certainly a challenge, but with a good deal of planning and some smart thinking, there’s no reason why you can’t infuse your brand as a central part your event. Let’s take a look at a few quick suggestions on how to brand your event and pull it off with style.


First and foremost, think carefully about hiring a suitable location for your event. Cool, fresh, and exciting new companies might consider holding their launch party on a rooftop bar, but this won’t be for everyone, of course. If your target audience is a little more reserved, think about somewhere that is more stately – a grand hotel, for example. But wherever you end up hiring, make sure that you are able to deck out the room, hall, or bar in whatever you need to brand your event properly. Some event locations can be a little sneery about business decorating their premises, so always make sure you understand the rules and regulations before signing off on the contract.

2.Guest lists

You should also think carefully about your guest list – the people you invite will say more about your branding than you might think. Be sensible about it, too. While it might be fun to have a room full of celebrities at your launch party, they are more likely to come if you are launching a new, expensive champagne than they are for a launch of a new toilet cleaning product. Industry authority guests will be essential, of course, as will local and trade journalists. And while your family and friends should be welcome to come and lend you their support, it’s always best to keep them to a minimum unless there is a valid business reason for them to be there. Bloggers, local business leaders, dignitaries – send out invites to all of them, and you never know who might turn up that could provide an instant boost to your brand.



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While we are on the subject of invitations, try and make an effort as much as possible. We’re not talking an email list, here – get them professionally designed and invest in original marketing messages that create intrigue, excitement, and a taste of what your guests will expect.



Don’t assume that people will flock to your event in their droves just because they want to see what you are launching – because they won’t. You need to provide other entertainment to capture their attention, whether it’s a local band, a DJ, or a few guest speakers who are well-known in their industries. Sure, this is going to add to your costs, but it’s important to remember that part of your branding exercise is to create a buzz through experience. And it’s that experience of your brand that people will remember when they go home – not necessarily the intricacies or electronic circuits of a device or machine you are launching.

5.Food and drink

Don’t underestimate the importance of providing food and drink for your guests. There will be the odd freeloader who just turns up for a free meal, of course, but food and drink tend to lead to conversations. And if all those guests are discussing you and your brand, it can reap serious rewards for the future of your business. And if they continue to talk about your event when they get home, wake up, and go to work the next day, it’s a sure sign of your success.



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Many launch party hosts forget about the most important aspect of holding the event – gathering interest for their products and services. It is essential to subtly collect contact details from as many people as possible, and use them to follow up at a later date. There’s no need to be pushy, of course, but branding is all about creating a memorable impression – and without following up, there will be more chance of all those guests forgetting about your existence. Good luck with the launch party!





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