Instead of the Banner AD, be the feature story – James O’Brien

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Today, everywhere you turn corner you turn around the world, there’s a business trying to sell you something. Every organization is in the business of marketing, even not-for-profit organizations need to sell their vision. What you find then, is an avalanche of promotional messages in every nook and cranny of daily life. Gone are the days when you only see ADs while watching TV or on the pages of a newspaper or magazines. They are practically following you everywhere. On that drive, they are there, with multimedia screens in the cab, in the BRT bus, on the BRT bus, in In your office, in your emails, at home in your apps!


4 ways to build a friendlier brand

When you’re building your brand, you should make it friendly. Naturally, you want your audiences on social media and indeed  anyone who interacts with you to feel the love enough  to do business with you.  However, the act of building a brand can feel kind of impersonal in itself because you have to focus on being professional. Fortunately, you can be professional but still create a dynamic brand that speaks to people on a personal level. If you want to know how your brand can come across as friendly and approachable, here are some of the things you can consider doing.


Social Media is your Public Relations Machine.

That Social Media is officially a fundamental part of our lives is no longer news. What started as a fun, almost trivial social experiment, even for its creators, has become not just an industry but a generational revolution. At the start, the first set of social media platforms i.e Hi 5, My Space and Facebook were used mostly by private individuals but today, even brands have taken on lives of their own on these Social Media “streets”! With advertising features permitting audience targeting and multiple sponsored AD formats, the world is any brand’s oyster.