Guest Post: 5 Dress types for that last minute dash out of the house!

I am a multi tasker, in every sense of the word. I have numerous things i have to do daily and my days tend to run very fast. Mornings are the fastest for me as I find myself, laying out my look of the day, at the same time I begin to add curls to my shirt hair. Can anyone else relate to this? haha

In a bid to look good at all times, I constantly invest in one piece garments, specifically dresses that can serve as a full outfit and save me the stress of calculating a three pieces look like shirt, trousers and blazer. So if you’re a “running out of the house last minute” person just like me, all you need is some inspiration which is why I have curated five dress types to help you get ready in a flash.

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The Black Mirror: A Black Model stands up for Diversity

So, the other day, I was watching  The Real on BET and on set walked Deddeh Howard, a beautiful black model I have been following on Social Media since the start of the year. She spoke to the hosts about her Black Mirror project and its essence. she had been rejected repeatedly  by modelling agencies because she was so dark skinned. She affirmed that the agencies acknowledged her beauty but also stated that they had enough black models, which in fact were just a couple.

In collaboration with her partner, she decided to do something about it by recreating some of the biggest AD  campaigns featuring white supermodels, with herself striking the exact same post in same clothes. For me, this was incredibly inspiring, as she sought to change the narrative by acting instead of complaining. Today, she’s on BBC, Good Morning America and other stations to discuss the issue. With her permission, I share her blog post and images on the project.


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