Gender Distractions: Let’s get over ourselves and get busy!

That we live in interesting times is no news. On one end, a woman has a fighting chance at being the most powerful individual in the world – a world of both men and women. In the exact same season, an African leader is ‘joking’ with gender issues on an international podium, right before a female head of government in a first world country.

I await the US Presidential elections with as much anticipation as everyone else. I’m with her, by the way, and as I watch the umpteenth Trump vs Hilary debate or video or read the latest commentary about another women or girls’ rights group or initiative in the news, a familiar, jaded feeling overwhelms me. When is humanity going to get over all the Gender crap?

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How to shop right, especially in these times.

I doubt there exists a woman on earth whose ears doesn’t perk at the mention of shopping. We all like to shop, well almost all of us; and you should see ladies coming out of stores armed with bags and looking utterly victorious (they just won the war of bargaining, Lol!). I love a good buy, it is almost therapeutic but the major issue of every shopping spree is – I hear you Ladies – the cash, especially these days.

Keeping up with the latest trends can be mighty exhausting on you and your ATM, the hard truth is, trends evolve, as quickly as can be. Splurging on an item here or there will not immediately break the bank, but week after week and months on, they all add up, as will your bills and debts. Want to exude style without dipping into your reserves? Here’s how:

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