Ladies, Here’s your Wardrobe Essentials checklist…

So, after our long, nerdy debut fashion article, you may wonder next huh? Well, here goes.We try to be practical with our posts on Lifestyle Hues; we believe dressing up is a mindful venture and so, we have curated a list of wardrobe essentials every female should have, especially in this economy. The list was obtained from respected Style Consultants – Vane Style led by the Gorgeous Veronica Odeka. There are 10 major Wardrobe Essentials that every woman should own.Not to worry Gentlemen, we will get to you soon.

They are called wardrobe essentials because they are basic items with which you lay the  foundation to a organised and stylish wardrobe. Of course, you must build on that foundation with time. I’m certain that most of us will have at least 3 of the items already because they are so indispensable.There are 10  of them in all. We’ll give you guys 3 of them today and share others in subsequent posts.

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Five months, six days and 4 hours, that is the exact amount of time I had spent working for the Baker, and I had never met him, the closest I ever got to him was through Gbenga, who seemed to be much more than just a manager.

Everything ran through Gbenga, from security updates to shipping and dispatch reports, and to say he was efficient was understating it. Gbenga was an organized fellow, totally different from the goofy and laid back fellow I knew back in our school days.

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Here’s really why you should follow your dreams…


You are holding people up. It’s that simple.

Yes, we have heard many speakers tell us. “Find your path!”, “Follow your dreams!” and we received such declarations with excitement and hope. A couple of years down the line, however, we’ve thrown up our hands up in exasperation at how hard it is to follow those dreams, especially in today’s economy. We are jaded and disillusioned and rightfully so.

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The Baker Part 2


The weekend was short, what did you expect? I had ample cash on me for the first time in a very long time, and I didn’t have a worry in the world, so yes, the universe would indeed conspire to make the weekend short, so as to quickly ruin my short-lived moment in the sun. I, however, refused to let anything ruin my good time, because I ate like a pig, and drank like a fish, and oh, I also slept like a baby.

Monday came, and I was at Gbenga’s office before 8am, and I must say I was fired up, ready to take my destiny in my own hands, ready to make the best use of this opportunity that was about to be presented to me on a platter of gold.

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