Hi guys,

I’m terribly sorry for the looonnggg silence.Long story and not necessarily a fun read.

So I decided to dabble a bit into video, give you guys some variety.

I know this blog is titled all things bright and beautiful but I’ve haven’t written anything about beauty in that usual sense. Well, here’s my first related post….

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A mother’s love is a phenomenal thing, a powerful self-sustaining force that guides its bearer on an life-long journey of duty,sacrifices, joy, fears, hopes and fulfillment. It is one of the wonders of the world and reflects the Love of God towards mankind.

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Too Blessed to be Stressed

It’s practically the end of January already! And I imagine our New Year Resolutions to morph into  New Year awakenings. When current realities set in and the holiday/new year exuberance gives way to everyday ‘busyness’, the euphoria tends to wane.With each passing day, those lofty goals start to seem like mountains needing more exertion than we think we can muster. Take it easy, it’s only normal.

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Hello there,let’s get this show on the road shall we?

The runway,photoshoots and red carpets are not the sole repositories of beauty. It lurks in the noonday and night, it breezes by the leaves in the trees.It also sits gingerly on the face of a new mother, on the brow of the labourer after a long, productive day. It dwells on the skin of the Mongolian as much as it caresses the rich, dark flesh of the Somalian. The Caucasian skin is also blessed with it as much as the Latinos’.

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Disasters – Life’s Lemons

I, personally, don’t think we do disasters any justice.

Disasters happen everyday, but a huge percentage of them are not covered by CNN, Aljazeera, BBC or even the local news. The victims, hardly survivors, are sometimes unaware of the waves of loss that have taken them over or the crashing mayhem overtaking them.

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The World, Your Stage

How many times has this been said? Too many, but have we ever stopped to think it through, maybe? I dare say this is one of the highest truths ever. Out of life’s many realities and the discoveries of man, this is a unique “revelation”.

What exactly does this mean anyway? I, for one, believe that everyone is a star. Everyone. Hollywood is just a place lucky enough to have the physical spotlight thrown on them. They have got the literal meaning of the stage down but every day and in every way, we, as individuals have something we have an extraordinary ability to do.

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No Credit Today, Tomorrow Perhaps?

Two years after the inadvertent commencement of my  clothing retail business, there is some kind of lull. Maybe this business was never meant to be. My money is scattered around in painful fragments, there’s no overseas trip in sight and my regular paying job has monopolized my financial, customer service and business management skills. Maybe I should forget all this ‘multiple streams of income’ talk – it’s distracting me from the one job that faithfully pays my bills.

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