Of Impossibilities And the Trump Victory

The Trump victory  remains an enigma to most. Many have shared their thoughts the best they could, via   new commentaries, opinion pieces, verbally or funny social media memes.  My writer friend, Ololade Ajekigbe, is never lost for words. Pls see her apt, typically eloquent  opinion, and of course key life lessons which embody some of the principles on which this blog is based. Please enjoy .

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Adeola Osunkojo… On becoming a sought-after Female Film Maker and more.

Adeola Osunkojo is a Television/Film Writer, Producer and Director who started her career as a teen actress, playwright and dancer and years later, served as a Content Director on MTN’S Project Fame West Africa for 6 seasons. She has since directed Television Drama Series like Tales of Eve, So Wrong So Wright, Binary Unit and the popular The Life of A Nigerian Couple on Ebony Life TV which she also created, wrote, produced and directed to rave reviews.

She also recently directed Ndani TV’s Rumour Has it. Her movie directorial credits include – The Date and One Spice at A Time which aired on Ebony Life TV in 2014.

In addition to shows and movies, she also directed Viral videos for the Always #MyFutureStartsToday for Procter & Gamble. and the Copa Coca Cola project with JJ Okocha.

She is currently working on a reality show with Ebony Life TV, a documentary on the Nigerian Coup of ‘76, a feature length movie and the second season of The Life of a Nigerian Couple

And she happens to be my sister. Enjoy my interview with her…

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So you think you are poor?

One of my biggest mantras this year has been “Your current status is directly connected to what you know”. When you know what you need to do about anything, you can take control of your circumstances and can influence your outcomes. That being said, no one is really poor, even in these economic times locally and around the world. Paper money, or bank balances aren’t the real value. How much is your bank balance really able to buy you these days?

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Gender Distractions: Let’s get over ourselves and get busy!

That we live in interesting times is no news. On one end, a woman has a fighting chance at being the most powerful individual in the world – a world of both men and women. In the exact same season, an African leader is ‘joking’ with gender issues on an international podium, right before a female head of government in a first world country.

I await the US Presidential elections with as much anticipation as everyone else. I’m with her, by the way, and as I watch the umpteenth Trump vs Hilary debate or video or read the latest commentary about another women or girls’ rights group or initiative in the news, a familiar, jaded feeling overwhelms me. When is humanity going to get over all the Gender crap?

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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola on Internal Dynamics & life’s outcomes.

“You are the captain of your ship, the driver of your destiny, the master of your fate” (Lanre Olusola)

Lanre Olusola, The Catalyst needs no introduction.He is recognized as one of Africa’s Premier Life, Mind, Emotions and Behavioral Change Coaches who works with individuals and organizations to transition from where they are to where they desire to be.

From his Academy to his Daily Affirmations to his The Money Book to Seminars/Workshops, TV and Radio shows and of course, his social media platforms, his catalytic effect is felt across the world. His Client base ranges from the World Bank to Ebony Life TV to the Nigerian Government.

In this  interview with Ayodotun, he drops several critical truths on living… Long read but worth it.

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