Have you been wasting your time? Find out now…

Time is a convertible resource, a valid currency and an untapped asset. Just think about it. You “spend” (how apt) time to get things done e.g. get a degree, build a house, secure a life partner, build a great network or net-worth, get to your destination and indeed any other goal. We wake up in the morning each day and we have 24 hours to achieve our goals, what you have at the end of those 24 hours is determined by how you spend your time.

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What would you do if you were not afraid…?

I am half way into Sheryl Sandberg’s book titled, ‘Lean In’ and I must say its been a good book so far. I think she deserves to be commended for the research she has put into each chapter and I particularly love the way in which she was able to tie her arguments into her personal life stories. She also does a good job of not only celebrating her successes but also acknowledging her failures thus making it humane.

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Touched by an act of Kindness

Acts of kindness


I recently accompanied my mum to the hospital to have an x-ray done. As it was quite sunny before we left the house, adding layers of clothing or even a cardigan to go didn’t seem like a sensible option on a typical London summer day. Besides, she assured me it was going to be a quick hospital trip, and wouldn’t last more than 2 hours tops.

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No Credit Today, Tomorrow Perhaps?

Two years after the inadvertent commencement of my  clothing retail business, there is some kind of lull. Maybe this business was never meant to be. My money is scattered around in painful fragments, there’s no overseas trip in sight and my regular paying job has monopolized my financial, customer service and business management skills. Maybe I should forget all this ‘multiple streams of income’ talk – it’s distracting me from the one job that faithfully pays my bills.

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Humans are Selfish, Deal With It

The word is negative, yes! But let’s hypothetically rid it of that connotation. It is only natural to be selfish; it doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. I’m not saying it’s alright to be selfish, I’m saying it is oh, so true.

From the loving mother to the business owner, from the driver on the highway, to your best friend or even your wife: they are all a ‘Selfish bunch!’ The philanthropist involved in charity is probably the most selfish of them all. Tell me, is he not looking for self fulfillment, inner peace, and some good works to his name or even some good press?

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