This young mom speaks for myself and many others in our read!
This is one of those weekends when I feel like conquering the world. You know why? Because I have time!
Let me explain myself. LBD (that’s bae) is not in town. MD (that’s our son) is with his grandparents. So , this weekend belongs to me, myself and I. And it feels good! Alright, let me quickly go over the list of things I promised myself I’d do once I have some ‘me’ time, in no particular order:
-          Learn to speak French. I might need the skill someday
-          Learn to speak Hausa. Very crucial to survive in the North
-          Learn to speak Mupun. I need to communicate better with the in-laws
-          Lose 10kg. I need to go back to my 200Level weight
-          Attend a make-up class. I need to learn to draw my own brows!
-          Learn new recipes. I am getting bored of the regular ones already abeg
-          De-clutter
-          Go see a new movie at the cinema
-          Go to the spa. A girl’s gotta pamper herself, you know
-          Go karting
-          Go window-shopping for clothes I’ll never buy because I’d never muster the courage to wear them. You know the type?
-          Watch all the TV series that everyone has been talking about
-          Learn photography. Ive always thought handling a camera is cool. Wear black clothes and walk around an event taking                 random pictures of people without their consent. How amazing is that?
-          Sleep. Just sleep. In broad day light. Without interruption.
-          Visit old friends. I’ve been a horrible friend since I got married and had a kid. The friends I see are the ones that come                   looking for me.
-          Join the choir. Attend rehearsals. Sing with my froggy voice, and feel cool about it.
-          Read a book. From cover to cover. All the way.
-          Learn karate, taekwando, and several other dangerous words. Self-defense tinz.
There are several others not listed here for national security reasons.  The boys are due back mid-day tomorrow. So, I’d better get started. I think I’ll start with the sleep. Smart choice, yea?
Being a wife and mother is the most amazing full-time job I have. The rewards are endless. It’s worth every single time and energy you invest. But sometimes, you just want to spend time alone, by yourself. There is so much you wish you could find the time and resources to do. Do not feel guilty when you feel this way. We have all been there. If and when you can, find your ‘me’ time and relish every second of it. You have earned it.
Funmi Dakum

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