Hi guys, I'm terribly sorry for the looonnggg silence.Long story and not necessarily a fun read. So I decided to dabble a bit into video, give you guys some variety.

I know this blog is titled all things bright and beautiful but I've haven't written anything about beauty in that usual sense. Well, here's my first related post....


As  I said in the video, with the current trends of "face beats" and "hair beats" and what nots, everybody is starting to look the same. I mean, I look at a picture on Instagram with  identical grinning faces of like 5 to 6 ladies.The same brows, bold "lippies", "make up on fleek" and  stuff. I'm sure many would beg to differ but here is my thinking.

From season to season, we observe some trends and fads, we  fall over ourselves to align and then with time, they becomes ridiculous and we move on to the next one. We try to fit into somebody's idea of style and try to squeeze ourselves into those jeans or that form fitting gown or those shoes just so that we can look like A or B. We seek body shapers of all shapes and sizes to get the killer figure or butt.

That's all nice ,but did you know God always gives you something to work with? You may think : "I don't have nice skin or boobs or legs". But, did you know that God gave you something to work with? You may not have the legs but did you know you have the skin? You may not have curves, but did you know someone is dying to be as  slim, and possibly, as fit as you are? You may have not long luxuriant hair but you're ignoring your perfectly shaped fingers and toes.

If He created all of us the same, what a monotonous world it would be. Imagine if everyone was Kim k or the famous Halle Berry, the concept of beauty would not exist because there's nothing to compare anything to. I'm glad we are beginning to see the beauty in Melanin these days because, not everyone can be white. White wants to tan to some golden hue, golden brown is look for whitening cosmetics- it's all a mess! I'm yet to see a perfectly done boob or butt job...over 90% of those efforts go downhill,literally! 

In style, I've found that, what you want sometimes and what's right for you are two different things. Not every outfit will fit you, understand your God-given(sometimes, junk-food induced) body and dress for your shape. You don't have to be on trend every single time,find what works for you. That's why there are a million and one labels and designers on this planet- because there are million style orientations which require expression.

This same principle applies to  to life in general. Not everybody can be  Dangote, or Alibaba, or Steve Jobs or Olajumoke or Beyoncé. You need to "Dey your own lane". In other words,align with what God has given you. 

Imagine if everyone had a calm demeanor, we would get absolutely nothing done. Some people are Planners who would just work on paper while others are Power Houses who are rearing to go and execute ! Identify who you are and own it. I mean, just look at it this way....there are things that come easy to you. Wouldn't you rather do something you enjoy everyday of your life than struggle with something you loathe day in day out?

You simply can't live the life God has given to another, that's why you need to get in touch with your maker and find your place. NO ONE IS YOU AND THAT IS YOUR POWER.

This issue, like many I bring up on this blog, is something we all know but forget in the hustle and bustle of life...

So, whether it's lifestyle, personal branding, vocation or any life choice, please find your place, find your voice and align. God knows exactly what He is doing with you. Find your place, build on it- it wouldn't be easy but it would be worth it.

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March 8, 2016


Thanks for this piece, the whole essence is being here in the first place is to find out who you are and be that person. Thank you

March 8, 2016

Olu Majek

Wonderful efforts Ayodotun. Quite insightful. Good presentation skill – just work on hand movement. Cheers.

March 8, 2016


Nice piece Ayo. The recent AMVCA’s is a good example about how different we all are. Imagine if everyone was Rita Dominic or funke akindele fashion critics won’t have jobs and “serial yabbists” like ME would be so bored.

March 8, 2016


lol! thanks sis. how were my before-the-camera skills?

March 8, 2016


Thanks dear friends! I appreciate

March 8, 2016


Esosa literally took the words out of my mouth……. the recent AMVCA awards. Not everyone could be as simple as Rita or Genny. And there were a few who tried to ‘copy-cat’ Nollywood styles and it was a big MISS! *rolls eyes*. Find out your strenght and let it work for you. #checksOutSelf# blackAndProud# Weldone Ayo. Nice piece!

March 8, 2016


Thanks sis. @AMVCAs, word!

March 8, 2016

Omotayo Fakeye

Love, love, love the video! I love the message too. Everyone is starting to look all the same even when the make up color does not fit your tone. I look at pics sometimes and think this must be a photo shop; no one in their right frame of mind would want to look like that but alas it’s real. Smh at the Kim K and Beyonce wanna. Betta stay in ya lane and rock that bod!

March 8, 2016


hey babes. na true oh. thanks for always visiting…love to your family love

March 9, 2016


Well done babes i appreciate the message and i can tell a lot of work and thought went into the post and video. Well done! Onwards and upwards.

March 9, 2016


Thanks sis.I appreciate that!

March 9, 2016


Welldone Ayo… totally enjoyed watching your vlog debut… very refreshing and thought-provoking

March 10, 2016


Thanks sis. So kind of you…

March 13, 2016


True talk babe, subject matter on-point. We were all created differently for a reason and it all fits in His master plan, we just ave to learn to own it (body size, shape and form) and be the best ‘us’.

March 21, 2016

Olamide Adeyemi

Everyone looking alike is more of a need to not be the different person. We all want to be accepted but it shouldn’t be the overriding need of our lives. I think we should all strive to be our authentic self.

March 23, 2016


Hey Olamide, True talk.We are all trying to be “unique” yet we shy away from uniqueness in our deeds.Id rather be myself and own it. Fashion or otherwise

March 28, 2016



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