Life is a tight rope of thoughts, decisions, actions and outcomes. You simply cannot walk away from it all, neither can you allow your troubles drown you, you need to handle your business. Sometimes, life is a straight, smooth highway and other times, it can be such a bend, requiring endless negotiations. Everyday, we make decisions, both life changing decisions, and trivial alike; so many facets of our respective lives asking for attention. Should I allow the next few weeks become another 60- hour work week or should I close early so I can spend time with the kids, hence risking my chance for visibility on the job? Should I invest money in property or take that MBA admission in the states? Should I marry Mr Potential and stick it out or just stick to my Millionaire -only standards? Should I marry at a certain age or should I not? Should I invest in stocks or just real estate? I cannot spend all my money and I cannot not enjoy it. I cannot be so naive that my colleague at the office takes all the credit for my hard work and that coveted position. I cannot throw caution to the wind and eat all the calories I desire. I cannot look financial stability in the eye, turn my back and marry into empty hopes and dreams. The choices before us can be endless and overwhelming. What are you going to do? The way out, at the end of the day, is to find your equilibrium. Negotiate with yourself. Maybe I should cut back on my expenses and put something away for the future? Maybe, a treat once or twice a week would be enough. Maybe I can ease myself into this lifestyle change. Maybe a man who has a simple job but has a vision or a plan for the future would be better for me than this volatile family with a house in Parkview. Maybe I can buy more affordable real estate and sell it off when it appreciates. Maybe I can take a different job, one which allows me some flexibility with my family and my side hustle, I do need to finish that book and also, put in some time with my family. Maybe I can look good, without showing so much skin. Maybe I can take that course now and buy property when I get a multinational job later. Extremities will do you no good in the long run. You simply cannot hug your reliable laptop at night, neither are you going to eat your kids or spend them at the supermarket. You cannot be so pious as to give all your resources away and send your own children to bed hungry. If all the investment you have embarked on are just MMM or stocks, you’re walking on egg shells. You cannot leave a facet of your life to suffer because you will need to fall back on it sooner or later because life is in cycles. Your job may be the only thing keeping you sane right now but on the day the job is killing you, your family will offer shoulders to cry on. And the thing about balance is, its different for everyone. Here are three things to do:
  1. Identify your priorities; what are the most important things to you right now?
  2. Pace yourself; focus on one thing per time and the next thing another time. Taking a day at a time is no cliché. It’s a time-tested principle.
  3. Live a lot (not just a little). Find ways to enjoy life so your soul can be refreshed.
  Don’ kill yourself under the pressure, weigh the scales, find your rhythm and live your life By Ayodotun Rotimi-Akinfenwa        


December 12, 2016


really lovely piece here. Well done!

December 14, 2016


Like the saying goes “Don’t dream your life,live your dream”Great article

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