Are Your Employees Inspired Or Just Plain Tired?

If you’re a business owner, you should know that your employees are super important to the growth and success of your company. They will support you, bring things to the table that you can only dream of, and help you to build the empire you envisioned when you were just starting out. However, keeping your employees engaged and satisfied is absolutely crucial. It’s all too easy for your employees to feel demotivated and stop producing the high quality of work that they once produced, no matter how long they have worked for your company.

Let’s talk about inspired vs. tired employees and how you can ensure yours stay inspired for the long haul:


The Result Of Inspired Employees

Inspired employees are created by management. Sure, you can hire inspired employees. Some will come on board naturally feeling more inspired than others. The key to keeping these employees inspired, or sparking something in them, is you. Just because you hired a motivated, happy employee, doesn’t mean they will be that way a few months down the line if you don’t manage them correctly.

Inspired employees are happier at work. This means they make fewer mistakes, and take less sick days. Their work is an overall higher quality, and they are far more productive. They will stay with you for longer too – a high employee turnover is bad news for a business. Not only is it distracting, it can cost a ton of money too.

Remember, your employees are going to be some of your biggest brand advocates too. If they are inspired and happy in their roles, they will likely shout about your business from the rooftops. They’ll tell their friends and family about your business. They will be walking advertisements that help you to make more money and get more awareness!


The Result Of Tired Employees

Tired employees are very different to inspired employees. If you allow your employees to become disengaged, you can turn it around, but you need to do it fast before they up and walk out on you. Tired employees will dread coming into work. This means taking more sick days, and even mental health days to cope with the stress the job is giving them. They’ll likely make more mistakes, and their work won’t be to a high standard. Bear in mind your customers will be able to tell when your employees are not happy too; it’ll seep through in their communications.

While inspired employees make great advocates for your brand, tired employees are the opposite. They’ll complain about the workplace to anybody who will listen. It’s human nature to want to tell as many people as possible about our problems, and that is what these guys will do! Chances are, employees friends and family will give your business a wide berth.

How To Ensure Your Employees Stay Inspired

So, now you know what a different inspired employees can make to your business. You know you need to keep your employees inspired, so what do you do? Here are some pointers that won’t fail you!

Build Relationships With Them

Start by building relationships with your employees. Being a name on an email won’t mean anything to them. When you take the time to relate to them and find out about them, they will give you something extremely powerful: their loyalty. Loyalty will keep them with you for longer, and they will want to perform their best for you. They need to be able to see that you are like them, so make that possible!

Follow Through On Your Promises

Make sure you follow through on any promises you make your employees. Don’t say you’ll do things and then don’t do them. Make sure you pay them on time. If you need help, look at payroll recruitment agencies and consider hiring an administrator. You shouldn’t be causing them stress or unhappiness.

Arrange Team Building And Training

Team building is one of the best ways your team can properly get to know one another and figure out how they can all work together in harmony. It can also give you a better idea of how your team work together and what their strengths are. Arranging training for your team will keep their knowledge and skills up to date, which can only be a good thing for your business. It also shows them that you’re willing to invest in them!

Make Their Lives Easier

Go above and beyond to make your employees lives easier. Make sure they have a comfortable environment to work in, and that their equipment is suitable. Ensure they have a kitchen. Don’t think you just have to do this at work, either. You can make your employees lives easier outside of the office. If you know that an employee is struggling to find somewhere to live, or to get a landlord to rent to them, you could step in and help. It will take a little more time and effort on your part, but the result will be a much happier, loyal, more focused employee.

Have An Open Door Policy

An open door policy is a must. The last thing you want is for your workplace to get bogged down with office politics and small issues that could cause a big problem. Make it clear that they can come to you and you will sort problems out ASAP.

Give Them Incentives

Give your employees incentives to come into work with a smile on their faces. Make sure you stock the kitchen with coffee and tea. Buy doughnuts on a Friday. Make the workplace an appropriate banter-allowed zone.

Offer Opportunities To Move Up The Ladder

When your employees know that they are working for so much more than a dead end job, they’ll want to do their best to level up. Hiring in-house rather than looking outside of your team will make everybody better workers.

So, are your employees inspired, or just plain tired? You know what you have to do, so put these pointers into practice and you should notice a huge difference!

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