So I literally just arrived from a brief time out at the Free Conference organized by Jimi Tewe today February 25th, 2017. I could only steal away 2 hours from my toddler to attend this (the life of a mom!) I’m going to share my take-outs in bite sizes as I usually do.
  • The Smart Money woman, Arese Ugwu,  author of the book who shared her story on becoming whom she is. She shared on  how she took the challenge to work independent of her family and then to work extra hard in her father’s company eventually. So many people live entitled lives and it was refreshing t hear someone work so hard in spite of her family resources.
  • Be authentic she said and when you’re aligned with purpose (my favourite subject in the world) you will attract a lot of helpers .
  • When you have an idea, you must have a definite execution plan. Think of all that would work and all that won’t. Ensure there’s a system to monetize your idea.
  • She didn’t say this , but you need to break rules. Two rules she broke: she wrote and launched a book in Nigeria in the middle of a recession and secondly, she refused to do a book launch. Many told her she was foolish to launch a book in Nigeria, especially in a recession and with the fact that people don’t read. They also told her she needed to do a launch as that would be where she would make her money. Instead, she opted for an online launch and leveraged on social media and on her relationships. For example, there are no nationwide bookstore chains in Nigeria, at which she could sell. With her relationship with her mentor, Tara Durotoye she was able to build her distribution network nationwide and with the help of other people, she has been able to go on tour in parts of Africa.
  • Contrary to what we are told by most speakers, not everyone needs to start a business to succeed financially. You need to be entrepreneurial in your mindset, instead i.e. how exactly is my work daily adding to the bottom line? Am I really adding value to the business? You can fulfill purpose as an employee (if that’s your path). Not all are called to be Mark Zuckerberg, some are called to be Sheryl Sandberg (the Lean In Lady) working for the Zukerbergs to create structures that work. Otherwise, we will continue to build subsistence businesses (which most Nigerian ventures are) as opposed to large corporations( which need employees) Makes sense!
  • According to Mr Ubong King, there’s no rich man with one source of income, you need to have at least 4. This makes sense if you’re happy as an employee as you can build your businesses on the side.
  • He also stated that Passion without Motivation leads frustration. Motivation is reward for supplying your passion. You need your motivation to keep going which is why you need to learn to sell as a business owner. Mr King’s story of rising to grace from losing his father at an early age and going through rejection and trials in a bit to fend for himself was heart-wrenching. Today, owns his own sea vessels.
On the session on finding balance…my mentor and other panelists shared some keys :
  • My mentor (Foluso Gbadamosi) said Balance, as a concept, suggests that you are 100% on everything which is unrealistic. You need to build structures around the aspects of your life that allow you to be on top of everything but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything. You need help. For instance, as a mom you need people to help you and you need to leverage on your  relationships so you can put your life in order.
  • A second panelist stated categorically , handle your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. I think the same applies in the home as much as the office.
So much to share, I had to leave but the little I gleaned was fundamental. Folow @Jimitewe on Instgaram to find out how to buy the CDS. Perhaps I’m a little too geeky this week, but as much as I can, I will continue to share my experiences at these conferences, as they will help, remind, inform and “ginger” (revitalize and motivate) all of us from time to time. PS: If you would love to attend your event and do a review, send me an email Love, Ayodotun


February 28, 2017


Thanks for sharing your notes from the conference. Very helpful for those of us that distance and cost of air flight will not permit to attend such.

March 2, 2017


you’re welcome sisssssss

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