My name is Olufunmilayo Omolabake Ajibade (nee Balogun) I was born into a Muslim background on the 16th June 1986. My parents broke up when I was just 2 years old. That separation led me to start living with my uncle and his wife, which is my paternal uncle. The split-up had me putting up with four different families while growing up and that gave me a lot of sad experiences, such that nearly ruined my life. I was maltreated and raised with so much hatred and bitterness by the ones I called my family. At the age of thirteen years old I was sexually molested by my own uncle. It was a painful experience that I’m unable to forget. I had no one to care for me or my needs. All I wore throughout my teen days are worn out and torn clothes passed unto me by my cousins. Each family I lived with constantly reminded me of how unfortunate my life was. I would be asked to sit in the kitchen while others are playing. My own cousins will introduce me to their friends as their new house help. I had a lot of sad and bitter memories while growing up. I was, eventually, taken to my grandma to stay with her. Two years after, my grandma died leaving me to carry my cross in life. My days seem so dark, my own mother was my worst enemy. I took my destiny into my hands and determined to succeed in life. I started working for people to earn a living, my earnings were invested in my school fees. I worked with a mentor-turned-sister for a number of years learning the event planning business for years. Through the assistance of my aunt and her husband, I got Admission into Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Otto Awori, Lagos Badagry Expressway. I sold things in school to earn a living - Okrika and beads were my line of business. After graduation in 2006, I got married to my hubby, late 2007 thinking I would be happy with the fact that I was starting a new family and I was so wrong. I had trouble coming at me left right and centre...For good 3 years of my marriage I was unhappy until I eventually found myself passionate enough to talk at any event I was opportuned to be at. My Event MC profession brought light into the darkness that filled my life. I started focusing on how to be the best in my field. I learnt the basics of Alaga business from Mrs Foluso Ogunjimi (Sokoyokoto). I later signed up for Wimbiz mentoring program to improve myself....that was the turning point in my life. During the course of the mentoring, I produced my Television program (Home Spice TV) which aired a while in LTV... I did two other certificate courses to acquire more knowledge.   Now I look back and give all glory to God because he has never failed me. That small girl who was Nothing has gradually increased in every aspect of her life. From producing a television show, to becoming a certified family therapist to coordinating a mentoring event organized to impact and motivate women and of course, becoming a well established Professional Event Anchor. I’m becoming an accomplished woman who dared to dream... I believe in my dreams and aspirations and God has been my support system. I am Alaga Ijoko and Iduro extraordinaire Aka Iyawolangbe...I have learnt that, in life, to be great you have to believe in yourself and heaven will continually improve you. Find  her page @Iyawolangbe on Instagram Call her on 08060946820  to book her  for your events (Traditional Engagements, Weddings and more)

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