I am a multi tasker, in every sense of the word. I have numerous things i have to do daily and my days tend to run very fast. Mornings are the fastest for me as I find myself, laying out my look of the day, at the same time I begin to add curls to my shirt hair. Can anyone else relate to this? haha In a bid to look good at all times, I constantly invest in one piece garments, specifically dresses that can serve as a full outfit and save me the stress of calculating a three pieces look like shirt, trousers and blazer. So if you’re a “running out of the house last minute” person just like me, all you need is some inspiration which is why I have curated five dress types to help you get ready in a flash.
  The shirt dress offers the perfect transition from casual to chic and day to night looks. Add some accessories, high heels or alter your make up, to suit the occasion you are dressing for. The shirt dress is also a very comfortable and versatile one piece item. Whether  plain, textured, patterned or printed, choose a shirt dress that you feel the most your self in. Pair it with a long jacket, a belt, lace-up sandals etc.. and you’ll have yourself more than 5 outfits with one garment. 2. THE MAXI DRESS Easy. Breezy. Maxi. One way to make a statement without feeling over dressed is by wearing a beautiful maxi dress. The trick is to ensure that the colour suits your skin tone, the style suits your personality and the silhouette suits your body type. Now you’re good to go! 3. BODYCON DRESS     One easy way to add sass to your look is by wearing a bodycon dress. The right style, texture and fit must be worn at the right  occasion.  A bodycon dress can be worn to a corporate event, can serve as the perfect Friday night dress and can also serve as the perfect wedding dress look – as seen in the images above. What’s not to love? 4. LACE DRESS Delicate, Sweet, Elegant, Dainty. The Lace dress is the perfect item for any occasion.
 Opt for an edgy look with the Tuxedo dress. Step outside your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed how much confidence this garment has in its tailoring. The only thing to remember is that a tuxedo dress must not be figure hugging. Pair it with a pair of pointed toe heels, two-strap sandals and a clutch and you’ll be the star of the show!
What are your favourite dress wonders that allow you dress up in under 5 minutes and that leave you feeling like a super hero? Share them with us below. Stay Inspired. Uzo
Uzo Ukegbu is a fashion and style coach in the areas of Self-Expression, Confidence, personal style and wardrobe planning.
She is the founder and principal style coach at ANKA, established in 2016 with a burning passion to impact and redefine the importance of self expression in the minds of women when making fashion and style choices. ANKA offers services in image consultancy, wardrobe revamp, style strategy, personal shopping and confidence workshops. Her work and involvement with brands such as LFDW, Orange Culture, Shakara Couture, Fragrance du Bois to mention a few, has accorded her vast work experiences in the fashion industry. She consistently impacts all individuals and companies she works with by bringing definition to the notion of personal style and clarity to the essence of self-expression. She is an Alumni of Griffith College where she studied Law. She is also a Brand Consultant at The BBCCompany.

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