Time is a convertible resource, a valid currency and an untapped asset. Just think about it. You “spend” (how apt) time to get things done e.g. get a degree, build a house, secure a life partner, build a great network or net-worth, get to your destination and indeed any other goal. We wake up in the morning each day and we have 24 hours to achieve our goals, what you have at the end of those 24 hours is determined by how you spend your time. As far as I’m concerned, one of the few differences between time and money is that money may not evenly distributed, but time is, technically. When it comes to daily race, we all have 24 hours. How many years we each live is a different matter but let’s focus on the point. The principles of money are the principles of time. You have, spend, invest, give and waste time. What’s more, you even buy time. Like money, time is a limited resource, if a particular portion is wasted, you can’t get it back. You need to make fresh time, fresh money. While you can lose time as much as you can lose money, it’s easier, however, to recoup money than time. No one ages backwards and after a while you can’t push it anymore. In the end, your time is far more valuable than your money. It’s very, very basic really. Tunde and Tayo woke at about the same time this morning,.Tunde headed for the couch to ‘’bingewatch’’ his favourite show, no job search online or offline today for him today. Tayo, on the other hand, is not playing with his time today. No. He sent a few emails and steps out for a scheduled interview. On his way back, he stops by a friend’s office to inform him of the search, meet his friend’s colleagues and drop off his CV. The day ends and they go to bed at about the same day. Tayo is several miles ahead of Tunde because he converted his free time to his goals. The guy who started his business early enough instead of waiting for a job is in fact in an even better position.. Time is what killed the boss who refused to delegate, he really doesn’t have all time in the world to do everything himself, he needs to let others put in the time. One of the most brilliant things I’ve heard said about the issue of maximising time was said by a Businesswoman. She said: “Whatever another person can do better than me, I will not do. That’s a waste of my time. I will only do what I’m best at’’. Well, she has an amazing career and legacy to show for it. Even if you don’t have money, skills or obvious talent to be exchanged for something of value, you always have time. This is why, some professions exist, they require a lot of your time, and your attention (which you cannot give without investing time anyway). Some people will protest but just look at most professions that do not require the most challenging training processes, marketing, sales, writing and the various manifestations of the creative industry. Even the so-called skilled professions prove my point, do you know how much time goes into obtaining a medical degree in most countries? Time is money they say, and there’s always something to be said for clichés. A good number of them are true, this is why they have stayed around for so long. Time is like water, moisture that brings life to any living creature. It causes things to grow, be it a cactus ,a career, a child, wealth, emotional healing, a relationship, whatever it is. Identify what’s important to you per season and throw time at it, add some attention, dedication and passion and watch it multiply. Time is even more powerful because it reveals and resolves things. Need to be figure something out? Give it time. Need to heal, just give it some time. Results required? Time, again, is the answer. My advice is simple, therefore. Treat time with respect and reverence. One of the greatest discoveries in history is the fact that the word ‘’No’’ is a positive one -its one of the biggest life hacks today. Say “No” to time wasters: friends not going anywhere vision-wise, too much TV, excessive religious commitments (yes, not all church activities are necessary for you if you’re unable to pay attention to your job, business or family). Don’t spend all your productive time leisurely jostling between Snapchat or Instagram. Stalking people on social media is fun but has it moved you forward? Those who make money via social media know themselves. You can’t attend every red carpet event or concert, neither can you be at every wedding or burial. Chances are, they won’t miss you that much, but your family will, your business will and your purpose will. So, ask yourself as many times as you can each day, what is the best use of my time right now, in this present scenario, on this day? If you can answer honestly, you are on your way to getting the best returns on your time. By Ayodotun Rotimi Akinfenwa

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