Hello there,let’s get this show on the road shall we?

The runway,photoshoots and red carpets are not the sole repositories of beauty. It lurks in the noonday and night, it breezes by the leaves in the trees.It also sits gingerly on the face of a new mother, on the brow of the labourer after a long, productive day. It dwells on the skin of the Mongolian as much as it caresses the rich, dark flesh of the Somalian. The Caucasian skin is also blessed with it as much as the Latinos’.

Beauty is especially based on the intangible things like kind words of encouragement, sweet music to heal the heart,peace in the soul,forgiveness, grace, trust and so much more.

Beauty lives in you and me.

So, do not let the definitions of beauty provided only by popular culture limit your understanding of beauty.Those definitions are true,valid and appreciable but if we further open our minds, we will find that there’s more. Beauty is really what you make of it.

So, put on your rose-coloured,wide-rimmed glasses with me and let’s go on a quest to FIND beauty all around us.

Please note that we are not hating on the fashionistas and glitz and glamour out there, we are only making our contribution in order to make the world a more beautiful place.

Some days, there will be word posts, others, there will be picture or video posts and with time and on many days, we will not write about beauty at all…because life itself is vanity,lol.

In a bit, we will also seek to connect beauty with beauty… About that, watch this space!

Thank you for visiting,
God Bless and Happy New Year!

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  1. Very Interesting concept and a great idea I must add… Looking forward to take this journey in unravelling beauty in all its forms with you.

    Nice one Ayo!

  2. It’s amazing how an article like this can make you think deep about the seemingly overlooked things in life.
    This is brilliant….absolutely brilliant.

  3. So I finally visit… My apologies… Now I am expectant to discover this world of beauty with you Ay…. Lovely piece…. Absolutely lovely….

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