You are holding people up. It’s that simple. Yes, we have heard many speakers tell us. “Find your path!”, “Follow your dreams!” and we received such declarations with excitement and hope. A couple of years down the line, however, we’ve thrown up our hands up in exasperation at how hard it is to follow those dreams, especially in today’s economy. We are jaded and disillusioned and rightfully so. But did you know how many people would be reached by that song you have refused to write, that story you have refused to tell, that job you refused to take, that industry you refused to conquer?. It’s a multiplier effect that has no bounds. Someone is going to hear you sing and not give up his craft because, as it turns out, his gift isn’t that ludicrous. Someone from your past is going to find out that you’re now a chartered accountant in spite of your humble upbringing and will register for ICAN and ACCA. Someone is going to find that being an artist/painter is a worthy profession, one that will put you on the world stage. Someone will remember that instead of sitting around looking for a job, he can in fact, write screenplays and attend the international film festivals. Thousands will find encouragement in your journey, the kind if you lived long enough, you will still never find out how much your listening to your soul has done for others. everything-you-can-imagine-is-real_23-2147566975 So you see, this isn’t about starting your own business or following the trends. It’s about being sincere with yourself about what you really have on the inside and your true passions (not fantasies oh) no matter how unpopular, weird, silly or unprecedented they are. The people who really changed the world did not wait for someone to do it first, they initiated it and many others’ careers, visions, hopes and more were activated due to their bravery. From Christopher Columbus to Bill Gates to Obama to Oprah to AliBaba to Hilary Clinton, to Asa and many more icons, the most common thread was others believed that they were crazy for even thinking of the things they went on to achieve. For every inventor who acted we have a movement/paradigm to show for it. When you get a clear vision, set sail. If you don’t take a chance on yourself, no one will take a chance on you. The thing about aligning with your path is that, its hard at first but it eventually puts you in a position to help others do the same. Someone’s destiny is waiting for you to speak up or to act. Some children will be able to go to school because you were influential enough to bring your friends together to help them. So, you see, its good to follow your dreams and become great with it, but that’s not even half the reason you should have those dreams. In the words of a wise preacher: ‘ Your life is too small to be the purpose of your life”. God will never give you dreams that are solely about you, otherwise they will kill you! They are in, actual fact, for humanity – someone needs your song to brighten his day, it would be a chaotic world without accountants, engineers or doctors. The same way, life would be one dreary journey without dancers, performers, therapists, singers, writers, producers, fashion designers, make up artistes and so on to add colour to our existence. To each his own path and all would be right with the world. So, if you wont’ do it for yourself, think of the thousands, possibly millions of lives affected by what you’ve buried on the inside and revive it today. I know you want it to be worth your while, I want the same for you too, so I leave you with a quote from one of my oldest articles : Wealth cannot elude you when you impact others positively. It is rare to find an influential person who isn’t wealthy.  Pls act now. By Ayodotun Rotimi Akinfenwa    


August 29, 2016

Nelson Joe

I love this so much…. Nice one

August 30, 2016


thanks bro! appreciate

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