I doubt there exists a woman on earth whose ears doesn’t perk at the mention of shopping. We all like to shop, well almost all of us; and you should see ladies coming out of stores armed with bags and looking utterly victorious (they just won the war of bargaining, Lol!). I love a good buy, it is almost therapeutic but the major issue of every shopping spree is – I hear you Ladies – the cash, especially these days. Keeping up with the latest trends can be mighty exhausting on you and your ATM, the hard truth is, trends evolve, as quickly as can be. Splurging on an item here or there will not immediately break the bank, but week after week and months on, they all add up, as will your bills and debts. Want to exude style without dipping into your reserves? Here’s how: Buy what speaks to you – Ever felt like a piece of clothing or accessory, online or in a store calls your attention and you can’t stop thinking about it? If it’s a reasonable purchase, chances are the attraction won’t fade easily; but you simply can’t ‘gotta have’ everything you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over- I see you shopaholic *side eye* A good fit is important – If something isn’t a good fit for your body type even as lovely as that piece is, please accept it in good faith and don’t waste your money. So if you are an Eku Edewor or an Eniola Badmus, own that body girl and buy what suits you; your confidence is the very best fit there is. It must not be in vogue – Let’s be honest ladies, these designers just want to break your heart. As soon as you stop reeling from the price you paid for that dress, another ‘must have’ pair of shoes hit the shelves. Conspicuous logos are a no-no as well, because you can’t don that outfit to an event more than twice. Shop smart and invest in quality. Go at it alone – Haha, raise your hands if you believe lone shopping can save you money. Of course shopping with a girlfriend can be a blast, but sometimes comments and compliments will pressure you to buy things you don’t really want, and have you thinking about the one you left at the store because of bad reviews. If you have a serious shop to do it really is best to go by yourself. This way you’re free to get exactly what you want, and the tastes of other #people can’t interfere. Back to the basics – A simple white tee, neutral tones, simple stuff you can always mix and match with other staples are the way to go. You can save up for that designer bag or shoes that still keeps your ensemble updated and works well with your array of bare essentials. Never shop in a hurry – This has to be the most important advice. Always make a list, know your wardrobe and make the time to shop. It would not do to simply go on a whim, except for those steals you find when you weren’t looking, oh I love steals! Looking amazing does not have to mean declaring bankruptcy, and isn’t about ‘belonging’ too. It’s simply about taking tips that work for you and owning every look.   jme Jane Michael Ekanem is a sought after Fashion Entrepreneur, Celebrity Stylist, Public speaker and Philanthropist. With a well-known passion for riding (bikes), she loves to travel or swim in her spare time and is passionate about music. She is currently at work on her first book (auto biography) due for release late 2016.  

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