Life is something. Daily, we go about our business and “busyness” and 24 hours may not even be enough. From time to time though, we need to literally, step out of time as we know it and examine life from the “outside”. If we do, we will recall something oh so simple: We need to know: What to do? Where to go? Why am I doing this? Who will help me? Where do I go from here? Knowledge. It is an invaluable resource: the difference between life and death, failure and success, wealth and poverty, joy and depression and many other contrasting life experiences. Knowledge is illumination. When you know, your possibilities are endless. It's as basic as, switching on a light bulb in the dark so you can find your way in a room. When light exists, you can chart a course for yourself so you don't crash in a room or on the stock market. As always, I'll paint simple pictures from daily realities. How many times have you sought your elusive car keys on the way out for an important appointment? You turn the house upside down while the keys lie in a quiet spot, saying nothing? If you're unlucky that day, you would find another (likely inconvenient) way to transport yourself. How many times have you sold yourself short at a job interview because you did not know your worth? How many times have you given up on a great business opportunity because you did not know it was a revolutionary idea or embarked on a wild goose chase in the name of ground breaking, money making ventures? For us Big City people, how many times have we spent hours in traffic because we did not know the road was being fixed, or weren't quite familiar with the route and took the wrong turn? How many times have you quit just before a major breakthrough on a cause? If only you knew you were that close to it, If only you knew not to mingle in that crowd, If only you knew, you could do more with your life, If only you knew to marry that guy because he's going somewhere, If only you knew not to travel that day, Look at it this way, if you have something but you are unaware of it, you don’t have it. If you don’t know about it,it doesn't exist! Trust me, I roll my eyes when people say: Knowledge is Power. But it happens to be one of the most insightful quotes in the world, as cliché as it may sound.Knowledge is a tool that empowers you to take charge of your world. It puts you in the driver seat every time. Before you say: “Ay, you have started preaching again oh”. I ask “Why do you think Billionaires are in their position? Or some people are paid more than others? Or some Nations are more powerful than others or some people live better than others? Same reason. Where you are today is directly connected to what you know. So you see, it is risky not to seek knowledge, even about the most basic of things. When you get to a point when you do not want to know or learn, you're headed for a crash.Ask questions, think, pray, network, delay if must, but seek to know what's up at all times. So with all thy getting, get understanding. Get knowledge and ACT based on it, don't leave home without it. Enough said. I appreciate you for visiting. Pls follow me on social media and sign up to receive new post notifications. I'm quite excited about some interesting stuff I'm working on for you guys in the upcoming months. You will love them. Love always, Ayodotun


May 13, 2016

Peters Ovie

Nice one Ay; recently lost my car keys(no spare o) and I know wetin my eye see. I never knew there are devices that can help you keep a tab and track your keys

June 2, 2016


Thanks bro. You can say that again. Pls forgive my delayed response!

June 28, 2016



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