So, after our long, nerdy debut fashion article, you may wonder next huh? Well, here goes.We try to be practical with our posts on Lifestyle Hues; we believe dressing up is a mindful venture and so, we have curated a list of wardrobe essentials every female should have, especially in this economy. The list was obtained from respected Style Consultants - Vane Style led by the Gorgeous Veronica Odeka. There are 10 major Wardrobe Essentials that every woman should own.Not to worry Gentlemen, we will get to you soon. They are called wardrobe essentials because they are basic items with which you lay the  foundation to a organised and stylish wardrobe. Of course, you must build on that foundation with time. I’m certain that most of us will have at least 3 of the items already because they are so indispensable.There are 10  of them in all. We’ll give you guys 3 of them today and share others in subsequent posts.


It a neutral that comes in various styles with which you can mix and match to achieve various looks. What’s more, there are a variety of styles to choose from-simple white tee, white blouse, white button down shirt, long sleeve, short sleeve etc. We would advise you get as much variety of this as you can lay your hands on so you can adapt to occasions accordingly. Below are a few ideas of types and styling...

black skirt collage2 (2)



Our number two wardrobe essential today are the black pants. You will all agree that black pants are a staple either in form of skinny pant trousers, leggings, flared pants. Whichever style you choose, they are a must-have. Why are they are staple? 1. They are highly versatile. They can be worn for both casual and formal looks 2. They are extremely comfortable and easy. 3. They look good paired with basically anything and on anybody. Below are images of how you can try them for different looks and different occasions.  
black pant collage2 (2)


Every lady most have at least one of these. And we don’t mean those black, straight choir-type skirts. I fall asleep just looking at someone wearing that! It can be in the form of a Pencil skirt, an A Line skirt, a Flared skirt or a Skater skirt whichever one is flattering for your body shape. Mostly, anyone goes. They are extremely versatile, you can wear them for official purposes or even for informal events as well.Below are a few fabulous examples...   black skirt collage2 (1) WATCH OUT FOR PART 2... Article modified by Ayodotun Rotimi Akinfenwa   from You should check them out, they've got great styling tips so you can make the most of your wardrobe and budget. White Shirt:,,,,, Black Pants:,, Black skirt:,,,

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