We continue with our list of wardrobe essentials. These essentials, as indicated are the foundation upon which your wardrobe is built. Especially in this economy, you need to build on the necessary pieces, which you can maximize (mix and match) to get a variety of looks for various events, setting and occasions. We share three key items with you this week...

Wardrobe Essential 4

That the Black Dress is pretty standard is no news. However, it doesn’t always have to a little black dress. As a matter of fact, you can invest in variety. Your black dress can either be a long sleeve fitted, a black tank dress, a flared/skater dress or basically any silhouette whatsoever. So, why is the black dress so necessary?
  1. It flatters almost any skin tone.
  2. Its a palette on which you can accessorise as you need to with a scarf, earrings,, a jacket or blazer and so on.
  3. Its easy and comfortable
  Below are different styling Ideas you can try. 1

Wardrobe Essential 5

We do not need to dwell too much here. Deep Blue and Black Jeans specifically are an absolute must. It is advised that you purchase the standard boot and slim cuts first before getting adventurous with boyfriend and distressed jeans. The Standard designs are more versatile as you can wear to work and rock them on tat girls night out as well. wardrobe-essential-no-5jeans-3  

Wardrobe Essential No 6:

Stripes, believe it or not, are neutrals, to be paired with almost any plain colour of your choice. Anything striped (striped tee or a striped skirt or a striped trousers) is a basic and from what we have talked about so far, if it is a wardrobe basic then it is versatile. Whether horizontal or vertical, stripes are a go to option. If you aren’t sure how to pull the off, we would say you should start with the basic stripes first: the black and white stripes. They are very easy to pair with and not in anyway overwhelming to the eyes. Pair your black and white stripes with red, green, blue, yellow accessories and you’re good to go. With time, you’ll be confident enough to get into the coloured stripes. Below are a few ideas: wardrobe-essential-no-6 Article modified by Ayodotun Rotimi Akinfenwa   from vanestylesr.blogspot.com.ng led by Celebrity Stylist, Veronica Odeka. You should check them out, they've got great styling tips so you can make the most of your wardrobe and budget.

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