Leave Your Competitors in 2017: 3 of the best ways to get ahead in Business this year

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Having a great business idea which sells products and services that people actually want is just the start. To be a success, not only do you need to do well but you need to do better than your competitors. The marketplace is saturated with businesses, many competing for the same customers. Regardless of how niche your company is, you can bet there are others out there who are doing something similar. In order to not only compete but get ahead there are a few things that your business should be doing. Here are some ideas!

Find Your Unique Selling Point

One of the most important things to get right to if you want to do well in business is to find your unique selling point. This is what sets you apart from other similar companies, and helps you to appeal to your own set of customers. You need to be offering something that your competitors aren’t, as this will mean certain customers will choose you over then. It could be your price point- you could specialise in budget or high end products or services. You could offer payment plans or a particular experience when they patronise you or something else entirely. Spend time working out exactly what unique element your business has to offer and build your brand around this. It’s will likely be the deciding factor  for whether they will come to you.


Know What Your Competitors Are Doing

Keeping tabs on your competitors allows you to tailor your business accordingly. If there’s an aspect of their business that’s doing very well or is causing problems, what can you learn from this? Check out third party reviews and their social media sites to see how they are doing. While you should never be directly copying another business, you can draw inspiration from them and learn from their successes and shortcomings.


Get Better Software

Good business software is crucial for your success. It allows you to tackle jobs more quickly, efficiently and accurately. If you are still using manual methods then you may well be putting your business at risk. From PCB design software like http://www.altium.com to customer relationship management software, legal, accounting, HR software and more- work out which types your business will benefit from. It could allow you to employ less staff therefore saving you money, and generally perform better as a business. Good software means your ideas can move forward more quickly and get to market before your competitors.


Employ The Right People

Speaking of staff, having the right employees on board is crucial if you want to do well. Your employees are responsible for the daily workings of your business, you need experienced, reliable and motivated individuals to carry out your company’s everyday tasks. Work on making your business an attractive place to work– offer a competitive salary and good employee benefits. Go through a careful selection process, thoroughly interviewing candidates and following up on their references. Keep tabs on your employees, carefully following up queries or complaints as you want to ensure they are kept happy.


To snag those all important customers you need to get ahead of your competitors and show people why you are worth shopping with over them. Spend some time getting these points right and it will reflect in your sales and profits.


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