So much has been said about the Trump Inauguration in the last few days, so much so, that this blogger struggled to find an unique angle but alas…I would get my angle from some very smart children in the States… Please read what my niece (10) and my nephew (8) wrote in a letter to Donald Trump on inauguration day…Their childlike innocence mixed with insight on political issues in their environment is everything. If this doesn’t make you smile or chuckle, I don’t know what will… From the 10-year old... Dear Donald Trump, Wishing you a happy new year and congrats on your presidency…Mr President I have some questions for you.
  • Do you really want to create that wall between the US and Mexico? And why?
  • What hacking is going on with Russia?
  • What things or laws do you want to change in your presidency?
  • Do you want to name anything after yourself?
  • One more question; was it hard to get ready to be president?
Now, I want to give you some advice and my opinion.
  • I’ve heard that Russia has been hacking stuff in our country and it needs to STOP!!!
  • I don’t want you to make a wall between us and Mexico because some of my friends are from Mexico and they don’t want to leave the Unites States of America…lets unite our states in harmony. Let me list all your kids: Ivanka, Trump Junior, Eric and the others.
  • And I have one more question, your other daughter(not Ivanka) is she going to be famous too?
  • And can you also have a law that lets women have the same rights as men and also stop police officers from killing African Americans for no reason?
  1. Don’t listen to people that wont make you the best president you can be.
  2. Start programs and other stuff to make you the best you can be.
Wish you good luck!!! Love, S.   From the 8-year old... Dear Donald Trump Good luck on your presidency. I hope you’re going to be the best president (well, one of the best presidents). Please try to keep us safe and don’t kill innocent people. Please let women have the same rights as men, if you must change the law, start a program for endangered species. Please tell them they are wrong about you. Tell them (by your actions) that you’re a great president. Please keep bad people away from us. Even though Russians helped you, it doesn’t mean you cant be a good president; even though Hillary Clinton should have won. How much stuff are you going to stuff in your bags and suitcases? What are you going to do with Trump Towers? Are your extended family , friends and people going to the White House or Trump Towers are you ever going to visit the Towers in 4 years or maybe 8 years? And once again, I wish you good luck, you and your family. Be the best you can be. I hope Melania, Trump Jr, Eric and your family are ok and nothing will go wrong Sincerely, N. Curated by Ayodotun

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